Resolution Which Had Long Delayed

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Within a few days more we will go in 2011..time passes 
so quickly..Next year,I shall resolve to fulfill the long delayed resolution.Want to know too? Actually I want to change, wanted to wear a Tudung and so on..If God Willing,Insyallah!..Covered not only by those who are married, also in all the muslim women.Perhaps women today seem to be like me too,drifting away with the western culture ..Let 's pray may opened the door of their hearts to change some day ..

              Beside I already called a wife after all,big sin to my husband when showing parts of body (aurat ) to public other than him.I do not want to show it to be pious lah kan..Because I know who I am really.but it is true in the teachings of Islam, right?

       Although my husband never asks,scolds nor rage on how I dressed up or forced me to cover my Aurat, but I knew, deep down inside the corner of his heart ,he really want me to cover it .. (takot bini agaknya,so pendam jak la) ..hehehe..There is no husband in the world who like to share this show with her wife private parts to another man kan...No matter what that his wife is beautiful or not beautiful.Siapalah  tak sayang wife kan..

         Hah! One more thing,my husbands does not know yet about my intentions ni tau..Nak bagi suprise lah konon..Certainly he was surprised when he see his wife suddenly wear tudung. I wonder what he may react when see me like that . . .Wow! I was over-excited pulak..hikhik!!!.. 

I am aware of this,there are still too many things that I should learned. And I was still in the learning process right now .There are still many shortcomings,I hope to make it right also later. Maybe for other people, my determination was not Seberapa.tapi for me, it is very meaningful and things I should do from the beginning since the day..
Well,It's present at the time came for my turn to change.I am extremely grateful to Almighty God for opening my heart to change,also for giving me the opportunity to repent.I am grateful also to have been born in a harmonious family,supplied with religious education,there still have strong roots to hold back on track and back.My parents never tired to advise me to change.  Just as possible before, I was not aware of my own mistakes.  

Increasing age was already old enough for my taste..Say it enough for me so far been neglected my religious instruction.I was already satisfied with the life that I have experienced this before,which has destroyed my life,There is NO anything good that I got, but instead of going on and have my family involved with the trouble I made(That was my past I want to forget the most difficult,involving a friend who I dearly love and trusted most, as well as the same friend who had betrayed me in the end )..

I also influenced by western cultural life and have been negligent with my own culture.. do not perform religious prayers and to expose the Aurat ..I was already tired of showing my body with all the people.Already satisfied with the poke eye wear aka sexy .
             So next year will come,let it all covered as well .. for my husband eyes only,of a course .. huhu..

For those who hate me in silence .. Although I do not know what crime I have done against you, so treat me so ...
I have forgiven you even have to hate me.
Hopefully you do not disturb my life again.
and make a commotion in my family .. ok

May Allah Almighty have mercy on me to change ..

I really so hopefully in the coming new year,
would not appear again a painful and distressing situation that would happen to me and my dear family,
No more tears,
No more weeping,
No more disappointment & frustration,
No more treason & betrayal among friends,
No more persecution, & treats each family,
No more bitter memories, only the sweet memories,
Only which is just the joy,happiness, peace & enjoyment of all ,Amin!

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