Virtues Of Kissing

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Experts Physicians have found that kissing is good for health.
Kissing is not just to make someone feel Happy, but also
effective Against Many Diseases. What are the benefits of kissing for health?

Kissing in a long time may help our circulation system.When kissing, the faster the heart rate to 110 heart bitper minutes away.

After the kiss, the lungs work harder. Approximately 60 tug breaths per minutes away, than in normal breathing, only 20 times the pull of breaths per minutes away. this is good to prevent lung disease.

Some Dentist believe , kissing is an act that unlicensed prevention of cavities. Kissing stimulates saliva, which mayacid which destroys tooth cover.

Kissing that lasted more than 3 minutes away to help 

us against stress. Kissing in a long time may destroy the stress hormones.

8 Advantage for Kissing More ... Excess kissing ..... 


Couples who give a kiss goodbye every morning to your partner average life of 5 years longer than 
those who do not do this routine.
Kissing is good to encourage self-confidence
 Create one feel valued and give peace themselves.
Kissing burns calories, 2-3 minutes away and double the calories per metabolic rate. Some say, that by kissing 
passionately three times per day (at least 20 seconds per kiss) may helpweight loss.
Kissing is known as a stress reliever. Kissing passionate may relieve tension, reduce the negative energy, and produces a sense advice, reduce stress hormones.
Kissing uses 30 facial muscles and prevent cheekslack.
 Cheek muscles are tensed for a passionate kiss help tighten skin and increase blood circulation.

Kissing is good for the heart, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

They are often kissing rarely get stomach problems.

During the kiss, antibiotics are secreted in the water saliva. Saliva is also believed to be the anesthetic that helps reduce pain.

Note: But for Muslims, kissing it is ok but to have a valid/legitimate marriage ONLY.But many Muslim couples out there who kiss too, even if not married yet..for they ,kissing have a current trend or just normal for them.
huhuhu ... Allah S.W.T knows best,Wallahualam!!!
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