Money?Where Is The Money?

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This day is an unfortunate day for me.Many criticize from my boss at work, including a mistake of my one colleagues,because every mistake of her, I also get criticism.Cash is less, I do not know where the money is gone.It made me wide-open.She forgot to key-in some bills,Wrong key-in amount,unproper stock..and etc.Actually she does not focus at work, All she knows just chatting on Facebook.It has been repeatedly advised her,when key-in the bills must key-in and see exactly the amount.But she never listened..:( The question is "Where goes the loss money" .. Wallahualam!

Another incident happened to me too.But my case is different with my colleagues.While getting ready to go home, our suppliers come to send the stock at the end anyway. I thought he would send his stock on the next day.Made me panic, because I was not ready to provide the documents and payment for such stock.Very annoying when someone comes after end of time to work.
Paying Bills
Upon completion of calculating the stock up, I was paying for the stockist.Do not know where I am wrong,I have been paying more money to the stockist man.I came to realize after the boss called me into his office and said the money was not enough as I have the sum of all.I am very worried that moment, afraid the boss will think that crap on me nor I will be accused of taking that money was lost.By the Almighty and All-Knowing, I did not take the money..swear to Allah S.W.T...I don't steal it.

Furthermore, CCTV in all corners of the office. Those that only insane would take the money..Fortunately,my boss did not think I will do so,because he believed I had long since been served on the company, but this is the first time I made ​​a mistake.He just gave me an advice to be more carefully on the future.But my salary will be deducted as well..Doesnt matter lah , as long as he dont think bad about me..huhuhu..:(

Note : Teaching as I can in this instance is to be more careful when calculating the money.
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