30 Secret Of Woman’s Love

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Yesterday we had an enrty about knowing secrets of the Women's Love.And this time I wanna share about 30 Secret Women's Love.This article is taken from my facebook, and I have changed a bit and add a few facts.Nearly all the fact I agree and the rest is not much lol..:)


1. When the woman told you she is sad, but she did not shed any tears, it means that she was crying in her heart.

2. If she ignores you after you hurt her, you better give her time to calm down again before you criticize him by saying sorry.

3. Women's difficult to find the thing she hated most about those who love him (because of the many women who was heartbroken when the relationship was broken on the way).

4. If a woman falls in love with a man, that man will always be in his mind while he was out with another man.

5. When the man she loves staring into her eyes sharp, he will be melted like chocolate!

6. Women love compliments, but do not always know how to accept compliments.

7. If you do not like the girl who likes you half to death, gently push her love, not aggression, because there is a spirit inside of  women that you will not know if she already made the decision, she will do anything.

8. If a girl started distancing themselves from you after you reject her love, let her for a while. If you still want to consider her a friend, try to greet her gently.

9. Women like to express what they think. Muzik, poetry, painting and writing is the easiest way they express their hearts content.

10. Do not tell women that they are not useful.

11. Being too serious can turn off the mood of women.

12. When the first man she loved in silence to give a positive response, for example, contacted by telephone, the girl would be indifferent as if not interested, but as soon as the phone algae are placed, she would scream and not liking to ten minutes, all his friends will know the news.

13. smiles gives a thousand meanings for women. So do not smile at random.

14. If you love a woman, try to start with friendship. Then let her know you better.

15. If a woman gives a thousand reasons every time you take out, leave her because she was not interested in you.

16. But if at the same time he was awaiting a call from you or contact you, please continue your efforts to mesmerize her.

17. Do not occasionally consider what she feels. Ask her yourself!

18. After a girl falls in love, she would often wonder and asked herself why is this man I did not see earlier.

19. If you are looking for the lookout, the most romantic way to seduce a girl, try your hand hard to read the books of love.

20. When a class pictures come out each time, the first thing her to do is to find the woman who stood beside the boy she loves, then herself.

21. The former boyfriend will stand in her mind but the man she loves now will be in that special place in her heart!

22. The greeting 'Hi' is enough cheer her heart for the day.

23. Good friend who knew what she was feeling and going through.

24. Most women hate men who befriend them just to tackle their most beautiful friend.

25. Love means devotion, care, honesty and happiness without any compromise.

26. All women want a man who loves them wholeheartedly.
27. Weapons women are tears!

28. Women love when people she loves holding occasional surprise for her (gifts, flowers or just a romantic greeting card). They will feel overwhelmed and feel that she loved by the sincere men. With this she will not doubt about you.

29. Women easily fall in love with men who care for them and good on her.

30. Actually simple romance because what she wants to feel loved and cared for nothing but a full life.
Sharing The Love :)


  1. Nice post. I feel touched. Glad for being a woman. :)

  2. Byknye rahsia... canner nak ingat nie, macam nak mengingat sifir lapan..

  3. @Aemy Shamy

    hehe..so do I Aemy..proud to be a woman..:)

  4. @abglan

    hehe...tu bawu 30 AbgLan..actually ada bnyak lagi.....tak perlu ingat,juz faham jew..:)


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