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Buy products Made in Malaysia campaign for 2011 will be launched tomorrow, Wednesday on 23th until 26th June , at Giant Hypermarket Branch Of Sandakan,Sabah.Expo this year, close to where I work.Later I can go and look at this Malaysian-made goods and should be reserved a money for tomorrow..hehehe:)Here I have  take some pictures at the location of the Expo will be held tomorrow, actually I took this picture last week,(a week Early Preparation Expo 2011 for all the booths).

Campaign Buy Malaysian product campaign which was launched in 1998. The re-branding campaign is aimed at encouraging consumers to buy Malaysian-made goods with reasonable price and help the local entrepreneurs in the face of unfavorable economic growth. It is also to raise community awareness about goods and services offered at par with international standards and sold at reasonable prices. For the purpose of this campaign, Malaysia is classified as "all products made, assembled and produced in Malaysia and the services offered in this country.


This concept is applicable because:

a) a country's economy will continue to be generated and stabilized even if there is a cash flow crisis and domestic spending within the country;
b) create increasing domestic demand;
c) To provide opportunities for small and medium industrialists to increase production and income, and
d) To ensure that the global economic crisis does not give negative impact to businesses and consumers.


a) To create and increase awareness among consumers to buy goods made in Malaysia;
b) Sensitizing consumers to buy goods made in Malaysia are of better quality than foreign goods.


a) The quality of Malaysian products are at par with foreign goods;
b) By buying goods made in Malaysia, the consumer to be smart because:
i. Buy quality product at a cheaper price and indirectly reduce the cost and
ii. Help stimulate domestic economic activity.

Accordingly Buy Products Made in Malaysia campaign is reactivated so that our people appreciate the things we come not to mention some of these items are high quality and able to penetrate the international market. Thus, when the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (the ministry) to relaunch the campaign throughout the country this January 16.

Felt this action in a timely manner in order to control the outflow of our money to foreign countries, except for items that were not enough for domestic needs.

Since time immemorial, this symbolic campaign to educate entrepreneurs in the country we presume, to change perceptions and increase the ability to explore the fields, which is dominated by outsiders, primarily manufacturing-based goods.

The campaign also gave impetus to actually improve the quality of locally produced goods to match or compete with goods from abroad, entrusted by the local community to continue supporting the local industry.

There is no doubt also that the community support for local products of our country is very important to determine the ups and downs of the industry and also local products.

For example, if an item that we produce well received, then we turn on the local industry, while in the industry, they would intensify efforts to maintain their industry, expand business and improve the quality of goods produced in the hope of satisfaction of users.

Support local industry means that we can contribute to the robustness of the economy in various aspects including employment opportunities can be enjoyed by local residents.
The unemployment rate that we can reduce the risk of diminished crime and all kinds of sandwich culture youth.

However, this campaign does not necessarily reject the one-hundred percent of goods from outside. Problem tastes, purchasing power and the desire to meet the needs they do not exist in our country requires that we also depends on goods from outside.

Whatever, this campaign will be able to curb the habit of mad people in the country on goods from outside. It is unfortunate for us if we idolize goods from outside when the goods are in our country. It is hoped this campaign can be run continuously because they have a habit of our society and to forget they were initiated by the campaign.

To find other locations and times to buy goods at Expo Malaysia 2011, you can visit this website Source : (KPDNKK) 

Kena kontak the geng ni pigi ini Ekspo Esok :)
Sharing The Love :)


  1. belilah barangan buatan malaysia. Biarpun kurang kualiti tp murah..hahahaha

  2. Betul..betul!!!..support Malaysian products..jejeje:)

  3. malaysian product also hve quality i think... so, its better buy our product instead of other country product which is expensive!!! beli la barangan buatan malaysia!! heheh


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