How To Install Facebook Status Updates

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Tutorials at this time is about how to install the Facebook Status on blogs as Anon messages in my chatbox..Using this very gadget let's know how you can add your Facebook status updates in your blog.The virtues of this method is that when we update the status on Facebook, automatically it will appear in our blog.Just like twitter …


and that mean of the message is image as shown below;

Status Updates

If you are interested to install this on your blog, please follow the way that I will give you shortly to be so that it works successful.

The Easy Way To Install

pink01 Log in to your Facebook account.
pink02 Go to your Facebook My Notes page which can be easily accessible from the Menu Tabs below on your profile photo page..(Refer For the Image).

pink03Then look for View Full Note and clicked it .
, fullnote
pink04 In the left-hand column at the bottom of your My Notes page, you will find My Notes feed link, right-click on it and copy the link location.

pink05And change the words “notes” into “status” ( refer on the image as shown below)


pink06 Visit your Blogger Edit Layout page and click Add a Gadget and choose Feed from the list of basic gadgets.

pink07Now paste your Facebook My Notess Feed URL ( you’ve just change into status) in the field provided and click continue for the blogger to retrieve your feed.

pink08After your feed has been retrieved, configure it by selecting a title and number of items to be shown and various other optional features provided and finally click SAVE.

That's it !!

You have successfully added Facebook Status Updates in your blogger blog..
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