"Welcome To My Biodata Inspired by Finie Ramos"

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Click Image For Best View ( I dont know what wrong with this image there's part are colour's not balance..huhu)

No matter how busy I am today,but still can update my entry..huahahaha!! it does not matter lah, the deadline was not over yet, I can do it later..

Ok, my entry today about Bio-Data, is actually a contest that has been recommended by one our beloved WSB’s crew, namely Finie Ramos.Since this was the first contest ever held by her,so I also join too for make it happening.(penat dia pomot tau).Whether Win or lose ,is not a big deal..janji kita enjoy!!! ..

So guyz, as you can see on that image above,it was my Bio-data,bit or less about me..Hope you all can understand what I’ve been wrote down there .In-rush writing skills vha tue..jejeje:) Tak faham,buat2 faham jak la k..

The purpose of this contest was carried out is  to collect all the bio wrote handwriting and compiling into the book calls Welcome To My Biodata Book. So let us join this contest ..

Opps! .. I missed out the words "Blog" in sentence "I love Finie Ramos Because ..."..It should be like this "I love Finie Ramos Blog Because ..."..This kind of muddled people's work, there must be an error occurs..Sorry, dear,I've made a mistake..:(

Terms And Conditions

pink01 Follow Finie Ramos Blog  for any update.
pink03 100% Handwriting on a real paper.
pink04 Make sure you write "I love Finie Ramos Blog because..." on your bio.
pink05Tells You Friends About This Contest.
pink06 DO NOT ADD ANY STICKER, COLOR OR WHATEVER EFFECTS using any software except photo(s) of yourself.
pink07 Enhancing the color level for better reading are allowed.
pink08Paste the official banner on your entry and your side bar.
pink09 Name your entry title as "Welcome to My Biodata Inspired by Finie Ramos"
pink10 Finally, leave your link HERE or just email her at finieramos@yahoo.com

Click HERE For More Details..
Hope you like it Dear..:)

Sharing The Love :)


  1. OMG! So adorable dear! Maraming salamat! ;-*

  2. @Finie Ramos

    Glad you like it dear..

    Your most welcome and thank you a bunch!!!!:)

  3. Awesome! Now I know more about yourself, kuang2 XD This kinda activity means lots for me especially during the old-school days. I've a special book named 'Yaya' which in purposed to collect the 'final period of remembrance' from friends. So in future [like nowadays], I can look back what they'd said to me, to our friendships.

    Anyway, good luck for your participation! Maybe, I'll join Finie 's [very] 1st contest to show special deep-supports even I'm not a creative-type people as both of you are! lol! =D

    Note: [Don't] Just ignored my poor English. I try my best to make it as an American. XD

  4. @samizul.net

    Hahaha !!!.. it does not matter, just a bit!

    It was my old hobby,collecting bio-data of my friends,such as during my school days,the same purpose as your "For Remembrance" and in the future can be read back at what they all have been wrote and wish me that time.

    And as a result of this hobby,
    I have collected 4 pcs of books containing bio-data of all my friends..hehe

    Thanx anyway, It's gonna be fun if you can join ,so we all WSB gettin to know each other..hikhik!!!

    Your English just good enough , don't worry vha Sir Samijul :)


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