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Here I am now back again to the entries related to our blog or Web page.I know of course many bloggers already know about this and Its not wrong if I want to share it to those who do not know yet, right?..That day we find out about what grade we got on our blog,isn't it?For those who do not know yet what grade their blog's get,Can try it HERE..:)

I was attracted in getting information about the price of the blog.How important is the price of a blog for bloggers? As for me,Knowing the price that we manage,is like looking at the performance that we do.The higher the performance, there will be increasing the price.Knowing the price of development data on each period of blogs will give us more spirit to be able to make us active always on posting entry and so on,and hopefully will continue to experience the blog's price increases.

The blog's price other than as a reward for posting routines,can also be used as a measure of "what could we possibly can and we do" on a blog that tirelessly we always stuffed with a variety of things swirling in the hearts and minds and then we pour in the form of text, images or other (post).

Not only that but we will also see a few facts relating to our blog also like what you all see on image shown below.It was some result of my blog.

My blog really cheap kan..hehe:)

Since the blog was no different than the merchandise, the higher the price will be higher the offers that we can give.

In the case of advertising for example. Blog with a high value will definitely have a high bargaining power are of course also much in demand by advertisers.Maybe eventually you no longer need to be too much promotes your blog but they will come personally to you simply to be able to display ads on your blog of their products..Why Not?..hehe

How do we know the price of a blog?

There are several sites that provide services related to the price of the blog, one of it which is HERE. If you want to know the price of your blog, please click on the above link, then enter the URL of your blog, just go and click Calculate!

What else you waiting for..Lets Calculate Now!!

I wonder whom blog's owner will reach the highest price..:)
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  1. Adeii, I forgot to post about the Webpage Grade. I will re-calculate it back! XD

  2. Take your time sir. . hehe:-D

  3. Interesting! Will try it later

  4. hehe ive never tried this before,

    hey :) jom tengok blog baru dayana nak ?


    thanks :D !


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