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Today's entry a bit childish for me..don’t know to other lah..hehehe..I saw this post on my WSB’s  friend named Nowriz.How best play- this game I said to myself then finally I’ve tried it ..

Actually this game was owned by Miss Sushi which was famous already in the blogosphere.I do not quite knowing her even though she is also one of the WSB family but personally I was admired this girl a lot ( jangan fikir kuning k).I like to look at her blog, so simple and neat,the way she put her hijab and such make-up really adoreable and suits her as well,and take note guys,the most I like she can play guitar..I love watchin to someone can played it, I've learned  it once but until now never learn well ..hahaha!!!

Ok, enough praised Miss Sushi, she might  read this entry .. kembang lah tue anak nanti..hikhik!!!

The picture below is the result of my match-making ..:)

zureen in greenzureen in pinkzureen in red

So How she look ? Isn’t it She’s cute?..Really love this game..Hope I have one this kind of game of myself image on it someday..hehehe..

Wanna play this game too..Click HERE
girl really like to play games like this..especially me :)mostly games that exist in my handphone are kind the dress-up games.
Sharing The Love :)


  1. hahahaha..lawak gile..knp baju tu xde yg real sket? baru best..

    p/s: macam ne kalau gua main game ni? gua nk bukak sume! hahahaha..sorry ye kak..gurau2 lepas tension keje :P

  2. @Gua Tertidur

    hmm yang real coming soon kot..hehe

    Akak mang dah tahu dah ,lau dik yang main game ni konpom buka suma..hikhikhik!!! kasik stim skit lepas tension..:)

  3. tula..nk jugak main game tuh..hahahahaha..gua mmg suka kak..nk buat kang, kene tangkap n sebat..huuu..takut gua..main game jela ye kak..

  4. Gua Tertidur : Hahaha,nakalnya adik ni,..main game lam fon tue jew la dik from kena sebat..:)

    Diay Of Mine : ah..memang cumil kan dear..:)


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