Am I Super Woman ?

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I am Superwoman and Superman?I am confounded strange and curious of the cease-fire in my soul..cheewah!!!The title attracted my attention, and I went to read it.Yesterday night I saw this title on Aemy's Entry, but did not have time to read because a lot of work at home I need to finish [ paham2 jak lah ].And just a moment earlier, I looked the same title on Nowriz's entry.And this time I will not miss the opportunity to read it..hikhikhik!!!

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Apparently,this entry is the entry segment created by Aki..This segment is damn funny,My stomach hurt laughing reading those entries that have join this segment..I just love things that are funny and cute.

So here to officially announce, I am pleased and excited to participate in this segment is also the purpose to support Aki in his first ever segment..

I am Pink Diva @ Sheng - Am I eligible called Superwoman with a statement as described below;

  • Super Duper Internet-ing

    • I like to play internet whether for blogging,download songs or movies,probably just read the news or just peek-a-boo to someone pages.Just like Dear Mira,I can do that without eating or drinking,also shifted the least from where I sit.If allowed,I want to play internet 24/7..Am I SuperWoman?..hahahaha!!!!

  • Super Duper Wrestling With Siblings

    • As Dear Echaa said, she likes to play wrestling with his older brother, I think so too, but with my little brothers and I would usually allow my brothers win the game..Huahahaha!! Am I SuperWoman?

  • Super Duper House Wife

    • I am also a wife,when at home all work at home such as washing clothes, cooking, folding clothes, sweeping, decorating the house,drying the cloth wash dishes, go to the market, provide food for my husband and treat him well in bedroom..[ Oppss!!! terlebih sudah ] I will make it all on my own without a maid..such as Dear Misya, as a wife who is working,we should know how to divide the time to do everything.I am able to do all the housework at all-in-1..Am I SuperWoman?

  • Super Duper Feeling Cute

    • Hah! ..I must confess myself a woman that is CUTE..Don't you ever try to deny this statement tau!!..hahaha!! ( ok yang nak muntah,silakan )..we're same with Dear Cahya.Am I SuperWoman?

  • Super Duper Bulliers But Hate Being Bullied

    • Like to bully those who easily bullied, especially men:P..But nobody is can bullying me,otherwise I'll kicked her/him ass of..Nah!..don't mess with me..hikhikhik!!...Am I SuperWoman?

    How do you think this statement? Was I worthy to be Super Woman ? ..weeeee:P
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    1. dear..hahaha..hebat..
      sy pn mau jd super duper House wife kena kawin dulu..hahaha..suka..(gtlnya sy..haha)

      yeahh..ada kwn..on9 dan wrestling.. :)
      cool !

    2. hahaha... dear.. ko memang supa woman ehh.. sy suka part super duper feeling cute...

      lumrah ba kan, sy rasa semua perempuan ada time dia rasa cute ba kan.. hihihi..

    3. i bet if we see each other, i'd be your bully victim because i'm small and bulliable :p're a real superwoman..boleh wrestling lg! haha ^^

    4. hm,the gabungan superwoman of all!! Hehehe.. Improve self esteem kan ni segmen??!! btw,thanks join!! Hehe.. Tia berenti si Aki tahan perut sakit ketawa tengok kamurang punya post ni.. Hahaha..

    5. Ahahaha. Dalam bedroom tu yang lawak. Nasib saya udah 18 tahun. hahahah.

      ngam lah kaka jadi superwoman. hehe. thumbs up!!

    6. don`t mess pink diva LOL..i don`t want to be kicked..eheehe

    7. hahaha memang eligible ok.

    8. @echaRierie hahaha!!! ok dear,make sure kahwin dulu baru siuk..P

      @nowriz Betul tue dear,tipu lah jika ada yang kata tidak kan..kan..hehehe

      @Aemy Shamy I wont bully you vha dear..Ifo might kicked me..hehehe

      @AkiAgree with you Aki..segmen mu yang mengarut ni bikin akak bangga diri sudah..biar lah vha terlebih kan..hikhikhik!!!

      @Cahya Qasehnya hehehe..gladly your over age to read this..

      @Akue Achik Jangan ko begitu vha dear..ndak sampai hati ku ni tauk mau kicked urank..hahaha!!

      @v It is the answer I'm looking for..hahahaha!!..

    9. hebat juga ko ni ajj suka yang kiut tu memng kiut bh ni..

      tengok blog pun tau suda ni

    10. ternyata kita adalah superwoman kan? klu jadi isteri, mmg automatik jadi superwoman.klu sdh anak lai la, super duper woman;D btw, bangga jadi woman & usrelay u r pretty cute;D


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