Arnold Schwarzenegger's Old House Became Museum

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House during childhood of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 64, in Austria has been used as a museum. The house in the village of Thal , it was there all the memories recalled Arnold's career journey.

Items displayed at the museum from his acting until he was called a politician now. Also some item which is on display such as a motorcycle from the movie of Terminator and the sample table is used as the Governor of California.

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According to BBC News, Tuesday, items related to him during childhood are also displayed as a bed.

Arnold who left Austria at the age of 19 years was agreed to establish the museum. He also visited the museum and seemed happy with all the contents.

"He was a son of small farmers and his career is so interesting. He was so special. I think people are very proud of Austria," said museum administrator, Helga Forstner..
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  1. apa la yg ada dlm rumahny ni smpi maw d bt museum..hoho

  2. Yaba..smlm nmpk di tv..hehe..

  3. @Akue Achik faham2 lah dear. .hanya kerana rumah ni bekas rumah ahli politics teruslah djadikan muzium vha..

  4. @echaRierie orang kaya vha dear. .biasalah kan. . Hehe

  5. this house looked so classic,that why people used to make it as a museum..

    unique maybe kn dear..hehe..

  6. kalau dia bagi saya ni rumah kan bagus...heheheheh

  7. @Azeanthy Paiman Perhaps because the house is so classic thats why they turned it into a museum...probably yes dear..

    @kay masingan Yelor..buat amal jariah dalam bulan puasa ni kunuk..hehehe!!!


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