The Busiest Sunday

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Today is gonna the busiest day to me,a lot of work that needs to be implemented.What more Eid days will soon arrive.Want to buy a ready-made baju kurung for me also for my husband.Then buy materials to make Biskut Raya,..Stopped by at a tailor shop to take the finished sewn curtains.

After that accompany my mom to buy Baju Raya for my younger brothers and sisters too..Huh!!I feel like am going have fever afterwards..hehehe:)

Usually every year,when Eid's day came,I am the most busiest among all in the house..I have to manage everything related to the festive Days..from A To Z..[ rajin kan saya ]. I just love deco-ing our house,put eid cards,installing of flickering lights on the outside and inside the house and etc.

It seems I have to go ahead,my husband are waiting outside..[ sempat laek buat entri ] hahaha!! ..

pink01  Happy Busiest Weekend to they are..And Happy Fasting!!!

I made this entry on rush ,only 5 minit..Have a nice and blast weekend guys..muahz!!!

Sharing The Love :)


  1. chewiiittt...rajin nya..ehehee...selamat hari raya sis! :D

  2. Have a nice weekend Sis!! ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. Pelan2 ba..

  3. have a nice weekend..walau sibuk kena happy juga..:)

  4. Whoaa... can't wait for the coming Eid.. Me myself belum buat apa2 preparation lagi sis.. Still haven't decide nak balik kpg Hubby ke tak Raya nih sbb takda cuti..

    Selamat menyambut kedatangan Syawal.. Maaf zahir batin sis..

  5. Berapa harga baju ko beli kelmarin couz? santik rayang,jatuh hati ku,harga nya santik juga kali kan ? ekekeke

  6. Busynya sis...I love your spirit.


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