Katy Perry Broken Promise

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Since two years ago, singer Katy Perry has left food by eating meaty food for her husband, Russell Brand who is a vegetarian.

However, Katy had broken her promise when she was seen enjoying eating turkey in a restaurant.

"Russell has been a vegetarian for 22 years and is quite difficult for Katy who love meaty foods. She's trying to stop eating meaty foods for Russell, but it is not easy for her, "said the source to Dailymail.

However, until now Russell still loyal called a vegetarian, but in June, Russell has been given the title "the Most Sexy Vegetarian" by PETA.

Russel And Katy
"Although I was a drug addict, I am still a true vegetarian. I might take heroin, but I never touched a hamburger," said Russell.

Even myself ,I can't leave meaty foods because I don't like eating vegetables..hehehe:)
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  1. huhuuhu,,kesianny bha c perry..huhuu,,xpa la dia mkn daging, jgn jd drug addict..eheehe

  2. drug tu lg teruk daripada meat..apa la c russell ni.

  3. adoi..russel tue drug mknn nya bha..haha..
    kesian c perry..

  4. hihi.. sy suka dua2.. meat & vege.. apa da.. agak2 la.. ko sorang2 ja la vege ba.. napa mo bawa bini.. eeee..

    ni la ni salah didikan.. meat dikasi tinggal.. drug sama alcohol disanjung berabis.. huhuhu..

  5. Drug lagi teruk dari meat?? For me,meat lagi bahaya dari drug.. Ho ho ho.. sebabnya,meat skrg pun sudah ada drug,plus lagi dia punya abiliti bawa penyakit,bukankah dua kali ganda tu?? but still,rather than drug,I choose Meat!! ha ha ha..

  6. Poor perry, she just want to enjoy a piece of meat and people there make a big fuss about it.


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