Ramadhan - Before And Now

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We had entered the eighth day of fasting. And tonight tarawikh the 9th. Alhamdulillah, we are given a chance to breathe again.We can still continue to multiply deeds of the holy month. Of course, I pray, but not necessarily wait for Ramadan special month of Ramadan for Muslims. So, let the little special compared to other months. =)

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Talked about Ramadan,This is the second time I fasted as a wife,It initially felt strange all brand new. But, little by little I learned to accept the fact that I have already changed the status. I am no longer single.. I have a roommate forever,Insyallah.

If once my mothers was done all from cooking, prepared the foods, wash dishes and clearing the tables. ,I just waking up right out of bed, when to start sahur only.Its not that I'm lazy or don't want to helped my mom.But she did not want me to help her.Because she's worried, I did not get enough sleep and no energy to do office work later..

And now I was the first to wake up. Usually I wake up at 2:30 a.m to prepare the menu for a Sahur. I will be clearing tables and washing dishes before ready to go to work. By the time of fast breaking, are usually on the way back from the office, I went to the bazaar to buy food.Reached at home, I dont have even a chance to change my clothes and shower,I'll continue to provide food bought earlier and make a hot drink to break fasting later.We used hot drink instead for juice on fast break.

Talked about the preparations for the fast break nor sahur,My husband is not much fussy about foods.Only need a half cup cooked white rice, 1 or 2 kinds of meat with gravy, eggs or fried fish, dates, cakes and a cold water and hot coffee.Drinks all just fine with him but he like the most Sunquick Tropicana syrup mixed Rose and most importantly, with no ice.

Whatever we eat,we must grateful for the things which are Allah S.W.T gift This concludes the snippets this time, "Happy Fasting In Ramadan Al-Mubarak, May Ramadan this time give a blessing in our daily life. May Allah accept our deeds in this glorious month. Amin ..... Amin .. . .... Ya Rabbal Alamin Amin. " Ramadhan Ya Ramadhan...
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  1. hehe..it must be good to have a beloved roommate, right dear?hehe...

    yups, evrything will be change once we get married,i agreed of this!and i can't imagine how my life will be when i get married soon dear..huh..

  2. seronoknya!! mesti pandai bahagi2 masa.. ;)


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