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This morning,I watched SP1M,Upin & Ipin was there on tv's..While getting ready to go to work, I watched TV because I want to know why kid's favorite cartoons are in SP1M today.

Apparently, Upin & Ipin launching their Raya album since 10 August.Just today I know about it..Outdated plak..:P.No wonder lah my youngest brother, had asked me to buy him a Upin & Ipin the latest CD's.My youngest bro, really likes to watching this cartoons, all the collections he has,..when us went to town,he will asked me to go to the CD's shop and asked me to buy one for him..hehe

Album Will Be Sold At Price RM 14.90 only
Very cute pair of these twins.Although only in the fantasy world, as if they both exist within the children and even adults..Hahaha!! betul..betul..betul...I loved watching this cartoon,their character was so cute and adoreable to me..:)Recently, the song "Suasana Hari Raya" was re sung by of Asyiela Putri, the voice of Upin and Ipin.Cute girl with a cute voice..

Five songs to be loaded is, Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Suasana Di Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Raya, Suasana Hari Raya dan Balik Kampung.This album will also be marketed as a compact disc and can be downloaded as a ringing sound.

This Raya album will be released on 10 August.For every purchase of this album, you will be given exclusive gift raya envelopes for free.

Who have never yet heard Upin & Ipin Raya Songs Version? Watch this video..so cuteee oh ..I just loved this girl cute voices!!!..

pink01  Don't forget to get the CD's on the market while stocks last..:P
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  1. hihi..nasibla sy ndada adik..haha..tp upin ipin katun yg sgt comel.. :)

  2. biarpun sy bole dkira dewasa, tp minat jga tgok upin ipin ni taw...heeehe

  3. malam td budak-budak sibuk nak beli daaa. Kena lah beli :p

  4. oh!..
    my boys mesti suka, u know what dua2 boys saya gila ayam goreng kunun2 tiru upin ipin...kebetulan pula yg abang ada rambut, yg adik rambut jarang (more to botak), masing2 claim siapa jadi upin & siapa jadi ipin...;)

  5. budak2 at my house watch upin ipin every single day. I't kinda annoying... damn i hate that cartoon!!

  6. ish! malas bila budak2 dirumah tengok ni..tak boleh tukar channel dah huhu :)

  7. adui..comel bah upin dan ipin ni dear..n suara budak ni mmg cute!thumbs up!=)

  8. adui.. comel suaranya.. hihi..
    katun upin ipin memang disyorkan tuk budak2..
    tontonan sefamily pun ok..

  9. saya suka tingu katun..hehehe cute...


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