Google Celebrating Merdeka Raya

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KUALA LUMPUR: Browsers of the Google website Wednesday found a special Merdeka Day present from Google Malaysia - a decorative logo or doodle to commemorate - Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Malaysia's National Day.

The Independent-Raya doodle by Google

Visitors to will see the Google logo decorated with a "ketupat" and a Malaysian flag to reflect "Merdeka-Raya".

Many Malaysians were obviously delighted to see the "Merdeka-Raya" doodle.

While some regarded it as "cute", others were more expressive: "Google's logo today is on Malaysia's independence and Hari Raya. Awesomesauce!!!"

Google has celebrated and marked everything from Alfred Hitchcock's birthday to leap years, where a team of designers are employed to come up with doodles.

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  1. pandai juak google ni sambut merdeka raya kan :)

  2. wahh so nice, I didn't notice it pula.

  3. Sentiasa memantau perubahan google punya ikon tu haha...pandai juga google ni beraya & merdeka kan


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