Good Deeds During Pregnancy

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There's many good deeds mom can practiced during their pregnancy..I've tried all my best to be my baby.Of course,each parents want the baby to be born is a good person and if possible a righteous one...And we're one of them..We want our baby to be born later have a good heart when the grow up..( tak salah kan?..jejeje ).

Among the practices that I've done during my pregnancy is to read Surah Al-Quran.Many friends and my family who gave me this tips.They said this the most good deeds I shall did and its good for moslem mom-to-be out there..

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Below are the Du'a that are encouraged to be practiced during pregnancy;

flower Saidul (Istighfar)
flower Surah Al-Imran    - (3 : 8-9 , Du'a for ask mercy)
flower Surah Al-Imran    - (3:38 , Du'a for ask a good child)
flower Surah Ibrahim    - (14 : 40-41 ,Du'a for the baby will perform the shalat)
flower Surah Al-Fatihah  - (To a strong heart and mind)
flower Surah Maryam     - (To facilitate a mother labor easily)
flower Surah Yusuf         - (To have a beautiful children and beautiful character)
flower Surah Luqman     - (To have a clever child,clever mind and soul)
flower Surah Ya-seen     - (For peace of mind & children are not influenced by Satan)
flower Surah Taha          - (May the baby have soft-hearted)
flower Surah Al-Nahl      - (To have a good disciplined children)
flower Surah Al-Hujurat - (To increase breast milk and children will be careful.)  
flower Surah At-Taubah - (To cleanse the soul and protected from evil) 

You can listen collection of Surah thru online and download for free HERE.

Apart from the Surah and Du'a ,there are some other things can be practiced to have babies born to a prosperous and honorable..
  1. Remember Allah S.W.T by praying for forgiveness and repentance so that God will forgive all the sins you has done so far and will cleanse the heart from feeling bad. With it is hoped the child to be born a clean heart and I could give birth calmly and safely.

  2. Many do worship, make good and leave the religious prohibition. Increase pregnant women claimed their religious duties such as prayer, fasting, especially Monday and Thursday and always keep the laws. Not only her, her husband also claimed the same.

  3. Always have good character. Mothers who are pregnant should be more patient, be kind to our neighbors, respect for family and friends. Good behavior will influence the attitude of the child to be born. 

  4. Always calm and happy. Emotional state of peace and happiness is a stimulus to the construction of the next brain of a healthy baby, excited, intelligent and smart.
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!!!

When I done my work, my little one is happy while listening to the verses of Al-Quran..(pasang headphone set di perut:)
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  1. very good tips :)
    i pray for your baby's health..& yours too :)

  2. Smoga dapat ank yg taat.. :)

    dpt mmbhgiakn sis dan kluarga dunia dan akhirat..

    Amin.. :)

  3. Insha Allah everything will be fine for you and baby sis. May Allah blessed U and family.


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