Week 29 | Oh ! My Aching Back

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One of the greatest pain that hit me in the Week 29..To compensate for my weight and bulk that comes out in front, I felt I might sway back in automatically from now. In addition, the feet are placed far apart when walking ( Kangkang suda berjalan).Sometimes I laughed at how I walked now and the same time feel embarrassed by those who saw me..huhuhu :(.

"Watch your weight, wear flat shoes,take your time getting from standing or lying position to standing and back strengthening exercises " said the doctor .
Abdominal muscles also function to support the back so so don’t ignore their important role.Luckily .. my beloved husband diligently to massage out the backpain of his wife..:)

My weight does improve very much .The last time I attended my prenatal check-up, my weight was 70kg..Yay!!! I know it sounds crazy guyz , in almost 7 months pregnant, my weight has increased greatly .Who knows,when I'm 8 months pregnant, my weight would reach up to 80 kg ? Gosh!!...

And now,my pants & shirt don't fit me.Thanks to the swelling in my feet, my shoes don't fit anymore. I can thank a wonderful thing called edema for that. Extreme swelling as in "Astagfirullahalazim !!,kenapa sudah dengan tangan saya ni ?!".

Sure many of you who wondered if I already know what gender the baby I was carrying,right?..hmm too bad my baby is unco-operative. Hopefully at my Week 35 scan I'll get some and I am sure will share it with you.I have been doing ultrasound 3 times,but the little ones does seem want to surprise her mother..But it doesn't matter what the gender will be either BLUE or PINK (padahal siang malam si mama berdoa,agar perempuan si baby..hehe),That is the gift that Almighty give us and should be thankful about it..

My hunger is getting worse.. I felt like eating every 2-3 hours.. and that may be the cause why my weight isn’t going down too.. Hehehehe..So Who's wanna join me to lunch ? ..Am off for now..more update soon..Insyallah!!

pink01  Thanks to those who are willing to read my entry.

I'm off to Week 30 tomorrow..10 weeks to go..Hope All is well :)
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  1. ohhhh..so lovely!!!! :')

    You can guess yourself if its boy or girl..
    if you love doing girl stuffs, the its a girl
    and the same thing if you have girls stuff, then its a boy

    Good luck, may Allah bless u! <3

  2. heheee,,bakal mama,rehat byk2 taw.. ^^

    1st tym pregnant mmg mcm tu mak sy ckp.. :)

    da yg kdua nnt InsyaAllah besa suda..heehe

    maka sy bujang lg, tak tahu apa2..hoho :D

  3. you'll be great..take care of your health & your baby's ;)

  4. do take good care urself dear...


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