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Sure many of you that are becoming a mother, right? and I sure is through a period of confinement and a set of maternity or traditional herbal medicine to restore internal health and return to normal shape back again .For those who are not, you also can share with me your ideas.You probably also know, through your mother, sister or friends that already have experienced kan..kan...?

Most of the mothers around me just used this traditional method to back normal again.And I think,I can't afford and won't follow their way..A superb bitter, and for me it is difficult to drink lol..hehehe !!! Gosh !! I just can't imagine ,me take that thing...

So I thought to do the survey, to ask what the best product to used ..You know lah, I'm new in this matter vha..

All right, between the brands listed below, what is the best among the best choice? Just tick or you can also share me your opinion in the comments box provided .. ok?..

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Thanks in advance!!

I had to prepare myself for confinement after giving birth later..because I witnessed myself how the mother do confinement after giving birth ,it is a lot of taboos from various part, where most of the taboos is what I always do..huhuhu:(

It is better to avoid than to cure,right ?

My mom said ,doing confinement,must done it very well..follow very carefully,because it can harm the mother if they just ignore it..I've heard a stories,there is a mothers who have died for not carrying out the correct taboos..Wallahu'alam!
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  1. sendayu tinggi kali tak tau ni..huhuu

    mak sy guna manjakani ja kalo tak silap.. :)

  2. Hey!wonderful site i really like some one.

    Pregnancy Tips




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