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When Eid comes,children are the most happy man every time.In addition to wearing the new clothes, they were excited to wait for "Duit Raya" provided by parents, relatives, and when visiting from house to house.Normally,the kids will be going to every house to get money Raya and will take a snap to eat those Cookies Raya thus do the same thing to another home.That's the joy of children when welcoming Eid.I also done that when I was a kid too and and I believe you all too, right?..hahahaha!!!

When the Eid was about to close, the most important matter I do is to put money in a Raya Money packets.Oftenly I'll get it ready 2 or 3 days before the Eid.I do it early because later I'll be busy for other things as well.Afraid I would forget to put in the money into the raya packets(Kang tak berduit raya lah budak-budak tue nanti.)..:P

So far,the supply of Raya money packets are sufficient every year.When shopping at the supermarket or went to bank to exchange the money... there would be a raya money packets will be given.

The image below,was money packets that I received from my friends that are associated with the bank.They are my loyal suppliers over the years..hehehe..Thank You guys,muahhzzz!!!

Raya Money Packets Given By Friends
  • The green-colored packets was from the Public Bank.
  • That's golden orange from  Hong Leong Bank.
  • The red's one is from CIMB Bank.(One only packets given..So Kedekutttt).
Packets that I received from shopping,its for home decor..Then money packets for the kids this year I bought the printed money image, the latest designs in conjunction with the new money this year..Surely the kids would feel pity to throw it away,because this packets seems like real money..(Forgot to snap this packets,but the image is just the same with below.)

Image Credited To The Malaysian Times

Tonight,I'll start to put in the money into those packets,but gotta wait for BB Aril go to sleep first..

My nieces & nephews are increase 3 babies this year..means budget for the Raya Money will be increase as well lah...

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  1. I want some duit raya too :). Am i too old for that?


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