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Asalamualaikum ..

I think its been an age since I've spent my visit to this blog..So sad,but all this while I’ve been busy on my work.Before,company where I worked was still in its initial stage,now has grown and my work is increasing and keep me busy day by day.

Say I’m lying..I don’t have time really for blogging..Its just feels awkward..Seriously,It feels different ..Apart from being a mom,I don’t know how to start it over…huhuhu :(

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Well nevermind..For me ,blogging just one of my amusement nowadays.One way for me to take some time (Jika Ada).I do not need to be popular, More than enough so far to have a blog that I can visit in the future..The important thing is to make me happy,that’s all matter.

Actually, I made this blog for the first time was for my personal use only.But then, there is a message from someone to ask for tutoring,And that time I started do tutorial to help them who need my help and the same time it is also for my reference on the future.

I think ,now is the time I must stick to my original plan . Blog for my own not to everybody else.
For those who are still reading & visiting my blog, Thank You!,TerimaKasih,Salamat,Xièxiè,Gracias,Gamsahabnida,Arigatō,Syukran.Jazakallahu khair that’s all I can say to appreciated what you guys is doing.

And for those who is unhappy with me..Oh! I’m really sorry dear,“Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.”..:P

Ok .. That’s all for now!!..Have A Wonderful Day !!

New year is coming our way ..
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