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Assalamualaikum & Happy Thursday !
What a crap title huh?..You are intrigued, and then get upset, by what you find after you click the link..Hahaha!!..Just the worst title ever..:P ..Yes! that was just an attention seeking technique of my post title.

Today I’m going to posting about the above shocked title ..This is the really reason why will shocked you.Actually,I have it on my mind to post about this before,but work keep me busiest all the time.But this time ,I have the oppurtunity and will insist to post in today ,right here and right now..weeeee!

We already know,as nowadays smartphone as became madness to some people.Especially for teenage even a kid 2 yrs old above.(Like my son).Since most of these devices are expensive,many parents reluctance to buy their children due to expensiveness.That’s make me one of them..hahaha!!!

But recently,Digi offers promotion that’s suprising me,Smartphone for Only RM100, there is no any market would give that kind of price.So I thought, this is it ! the time that I look forward to over the years..nakksss O.A’..hahaha!!!.

So I applied it for my lil son,even at age 2 yrs old ,my son can operate the device much better than my mom..Yeah,tell me a lies,but that’s the truth.I was impressed with children nowadays.They’re much fast leaner and wise.

2015-01-08 13.53.15
2015-01-08 13.54.26
2015-01-08 13.53.49

Package is absolutely worth it,kind of if they throw it up into pieces,shall not fell like it waste much..rather than give them your own device which is costly..HAHAHA!!!!

Below are the Full Phone Specification:

100% Original Genuine Lenovo S650

FireShot Screen Capture #006 - 'Lenovo S650 - Full phone specifications' - www_gsmarena_com_lenovo_s650-5893_php

If you're interested in applying PLEASE CLICK HERE
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