A SunDate With My Son

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I usually plan on setting aside one or two days a month to take my son on a date or do something special with him.,certainly in Sunday or Public Holidays. And these are supposed to be my off days,but for being mommy ,none of these are included. Bagi mommy yang bekerja, jadual amatlah important especially masa cuti.

That morning,I was torn between go to town or just staying at home ? But then I've realized , I had promised to bring him out to town. Well , my laundry can wait but not my son..:P

While I'm finishing the housekeeping, he's ready on his own by wearing a white shirt and pants,waited patiently while watching his favorite cartoon "Robocar Poli"on the living room.

Arrived at town around 11:30am, and he quickly grabbed my hand," Mommy , saya mahu makan kepci (KFC), itulah lah kau lambat pakai baju, sampai ku lapar sudah ni ", he said blaming for being so lambat . hahaha!! ..Ok fine,anak.. it's almost a lunch time dah pun. I reserved and place him on available table near the counter,to easy for me watch him while I lining up to order.

Sedang kami menikmati our lunch sambil dia melihat keadaan di luar cermin, and something has attracted his attention, The Ballon Man . Confirm lah, mesti mahu minta dibelikan lagi ni . "Mommy, belikan bah aku belon macam diluar tue " . pujuk rayu si manja, really hard to resist, siap dengan muka seposen nya laek. "Ok , mommy belikan,tapi kena habiskan makanan dulu" I said and he just anggukkan kepala means dia faham .

Sebelon RM2.00
My son are the reason I laugh,smile and want to get up every morning.

Looks how happy he is with balloon on his hand? Were headed to Harbour Mall during this time, want to bring him to play he's favorite car nearby the Mr. DIY, sekali mommy nya window shopping juga. Round punya round , tup..tup.. He's fallen asleep on the cart tanpa saya sedari..hahaha!!.. Kesiukan baby ku kesian..

Sleeping Boy :)

Per 5 minutes RM 1.00 :)

We had a great weekend of beautiful weather & photography together,I spend all day with him. The only time we're apart is, If I'm in the bathroom.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. Do spend time to them  even 5 minutes.

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  1. What a lovely things you did to your son.


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