Don't like being"Sakit"

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S alam...

Its been a while ,since my last p0st. ...
So very busy at work lately,then n0w am not feelin very well.Perhaps i had push myself to hard on work or maybe thinking too much bout etc problems that came out.

I've got flu along with headache,.arrggh!!! I really dont like when i fell sick..i cant stand straightly when headache still wont leave me.feels like to vomit at the same time rasa nak "Pitam".it will cause losing my appetite too,i cant taste anything or whatever i may ate during this time...In the morning,my mom prepared me my fav fried banana for breakfast,.but the taste are not the same as usually.. .huhuhu':'( ...

Does'nt matter la,its just for temporary. .i'l make sure when am dah healthy ,i shall buy and eat fried banana as many as i can . . .hehe:-D..(cam nak revenge jew)..

Wish me to get well soon yach. . Till here,.am signing off ..
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  1. Demam rindu kot?:-D

  2. oh no! i just recover and now u fell sick! take a good rest and get well soon!

  3. @waliz

    Oh yes ! ..i feel much better now dear..
    thanx for concern..muahz!!!

  4. Me ha gustado el blog, aun que no entiendo mucho el ingles, sé reconocer cuando un trabajo esta bien hecho, me ha gustado en verdad, y espero despues poder afiliarnos, cuidate y besos, saludos desde Trujillo. xD.


    Hai Trujillo..thanx for liked my site..hehe,lucky there is Google Translator, help me to translate your comment posted here..

    take care..have a nice day!

  6. Hi Pink Diva:
    Tema kasih ek sudi datang blog kite..anyway, get well soon ok & keep on blogging. Cute sangatlah blog awak ni...grr *geram* ^^ hehe

  7. @Didz-W

    Your welcome Didz..
    am ok now..thanx

    hmm blog biasa jew , jgn geram tau
    lama gak hias blog ni,pai pening pale di wat nye..huhuhu

  8. hi there! it's mama mia :)

    really very nice blog site you have here! so sad to know you got sick. hope things have normalized in your life so you can start to blog again :)

    you know what? "sakit" in filipino means "sick", "sickness", "illness".... cool right?!

  9. @Mama Mia

    Hi Mama Mia,
    Thanx 4 visiting my blog..

    Well,ok na po ako ngayon..nweiz
    am Pinay too..hehe

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