Disadvantages Of Eating Chocolate

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Assalamualaikum,Good Morning all and Salam 1 Malaysia..
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Well,As I promised yesterday,We already know the Advantages on my previous entry.And now I will be explained about its disadvantages ..

Chocolate comes in many varieties, but the most common are dark, milk, bitter, semisweet or white, sweetened or unsweetened.

Usually a lot of food that we eat no matter what, always have weakness if taken too much.Chocolate, like all foods, is good in moderation.Eat A Small Amount at a time. You are not as hungry for chocolate as you think you are. A small fix can do you as good as much as a big one, so why not option for the less fattening one as well?..

Eating chocolate too excessive also will increase your weight gain.Besides, it also can cause acne or pimples on the face.Chocolate is a calorie rich food with a high sugar and fat content.Chocolate contains a variety of substances, some of which have addictive properties,which are stimulating,mood elevating and can cause endorphin releases in the brain.

Moreover,Chocolate has been linked to nervous tension as well as migraine headaches because it contains compounds that can dilate brain vessels triggering headaches in susceptible individuals.Just because chocolate gives you a migraine doesn't mean it will do you any harm. 

The children have always been advised not to eat chocolates as they are not considered good for health and they have negative effect on the health.

Generally, when it comes to negatives there are two things to remember. First, don't eat huge quantities. Moderation is very wise when it comes to many things, diet included.Second, many foods can cause problems in some people.

So next time you eat chocolate,you dont have any fear in your mind and just enjoy yourself having it..

P/S :  Am too chocolateholic,which one of the fast food i cant resist when i saw it..
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