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Its been a while since I lost myself from this blogging..Usually my busy season arrived again in this month.I was just a moment to online and check for my email only..huhu:(

This entry should I post on last week,but somehow I've misplaced my card reader because I want to upload some picture while I'm with my sister and her son went to town for Gong Xi K.F.C ..hehe,Surprised you erk?..ok let me explain ..

K.F.C near harbour 

Nice view in front of K.F.C

While all the chinese  celebrated their chinese new year,me ,my sister and my nephew went to Gong Xi K.F.C too..Gong Xi eating Fried Chicken lah..hikhik!!!! The eldest sister aka am the one whos like to spent them that day.I got angpao from my boss where I work at.(sikit jak vha,dalam ratus sahaja).

After had arrived at town,so very crowded..Various kind of colors by the people a black,white,brown and pink skinned was there too...hahaha!!..Sabahan people have a variety of multi etnic lived,like Bajau,Suluk (am proud with my race),Malay,Cina,India,Kadazan,Sungai,Visaya,Tagalog was too.Yet the tourists to Sabah ,Nigger and White man (omputeh).Sabahan all population is all mixed.thats all many of cutes people here.(ahakz!! perasaan lak).

We went to mall for a while,just doing a windows shopping.If theres a pleasing want to purchased,then just buy lol..hehe..My sister took her a year old child to the toys section and he was so happy to see so many of toys stuff and games there.What else the little boy ask me to bought him a ball that is so sweet..So I must bought that to made him silent.Very annoying when I heard a child crying while in a public place(jatuh imej yeung).So to avoiding these sort of things to happen,This boy would cry loud until he got what he want..Luckily I bring extra money that day..huhu.Its very difficult also want to shopping that days,I dont know why the little boy caught crying.Apparently he was hungry or thirsty..So we went out from the mall.and I bring them to got some to eat..

The weather was cloudy that afternoon.without wasting so many time.I had invited them to dine at K.F.C.before it will rain later.Very troublesome when take a walked in a sticky rain..When we arrived at the K.F.C,the restaurant looked seem so very solid.Customer queue up to 10 lines and the air conditioners in the restaurant could not be felt even more because it can not accommodate many customers in the middle of the days.I told my sister to find if there is a vacant table upstairs while I went to make order our food in counter.

I was almost an hour long queue to wait for my turn to make an order.The heat is unspeakable,then the person next to me were burnt smell..Felt like want to vomit and thus fainting once when the unpleasant  smell .
Gosh!!!unbearable!!my tastes like to eating were immediately gone.If I just the only one who to eat that time,I had long seemed out in that place.

Below are some picture while my sister entertaining his son;

While his mom gave him water

He really love to take pic

Her Mom/Sister and my nephew

While eating a chicken

He's love to eat fried fries

Lucky was the Almighty heard my prayer and my turn came.I quickly made an order.After I paid for the order ,directly am out from there to take a fresh air.When I arrived on the table,my nephew continues jump from his chair,can't wait  to get his fried fries.Presumably he's already hungry..hehe

After lunch, we continue to take a taxi to go home.I did not manage to buy some consumer goods cause of my nephew was sleeping after took his meal .So is my day holiday that day.on the next holiday I just stayed at home spend the holidays while watching tvs,listening to music,house cleaning and so on..

Till my next entry..Thanx for reading!!
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