10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Why do men cheat?By their very nature, men constantly feel an impulse to cheat.but not all men do. When a man cheats on a woman, naturally, the woman will blame herself, even if just a little. For women, cheating can be a complicated and emotional occurrence.The reasons why men cheat on women can be varied.Sometimes their reasons don’t even involve you and it’s simply an ego-based decision. Other times, reasons why men cheat can involve you and your relationship, or lack thereof.

Perhaps many of us women have experienced being cheated by men,right?For those who have never,you are so lucky dear.But you should always monitor your partner to avoid undesirable will happen in the future,(just in case,mana lah tau kan) .Almost all men know that cheating is wrong, yet many they still do it.

Nevertheless,I would like to shared 10 reasons why these men cheat.Some of reasons which I will share here it is based on my experience,which I thought should only be shared.After repeatedly cheated by the MAN they called.I have learned very well why were these men cheating..Hope by this entry,it can help you girl out there to correct your mistakes for your men will remain on your side(Jika ada jodoh lah).

Here I have compiled a list of the 10 reasons why both married and unmarried men cheat.


It is not strange or unusual relationship,especially among lovers.But a very unfortunate if the love switched,after all many sweet promises had pronounced "Till death do us part ".And when the relationship was bound of rope of marriage and promised to be faithful to each other and no matter what happen.Overall it was just sweet words that make no sense.The promises will be forgotten.

Reason No 2. Lack Of Trust

In a relationship,the main important things is Trust to each other.Without Trust to partner,it would threaten the relationship.Be at once the quarrel and misunderstanding to each other.So believe in your partner,especially those couple who are away.This had happened to me..My Ex was stayed at Jerantut,Pahang..and he always want me to tell him wherever I was all the time,with whom and for what.Seems He doesn't trust me ..Felt like He Hard to believe in me.(maybe ni salah satu punca kami putus).

Reason No 3. Less Of Attention

In fact,less of attention given to partner is also no doubt will be valid trigger to his cheating phenomenon.If there's no attention,the partner will feel lack of a life.Busy at work?Its not a reason..So set wisely your schedule to spend more time to your loved ones.

Reason No 4. Bored Feeling Arise

Somestimes,the feeling bored or tired for their partner,will also became one of factor in this cheating case.Bored ,I mean  is that in many respects.But mostly known in men,is when is they have got what they want to a women.No need me to say what is it,I think you all have knew it already..

Reason No 5. Pressure

One of the strongest forces in getting people to do anything is pressure. It's no surprise that one reason why a man might cheat is for that reason.However, more subtle pressures from friends and coworkers could lead to a man deciding to cheat.And you arque a lot,Men will sometimes cheat to get away from an overly critical or argumentative partner. Who wants to be around someone who is constantly on them about something.

Reason No 6. Curiosity (For Spouse Only)

Humans are curious creatures. After being with the same woman for long enough, men can simply get curious. They start to forget what it's like to be with a different woman. By simply being curious about what it would be like to sleep with another woman.some men may pursue a sexual affair. For any woman hoping to prevent this from happening with their partner, work with your partner to keep your sex life interesting and exciting. A man who is not bored with his current sex life is unlikely to seek out a new sexual partner.

Reason No 7. Boosts Their Ego

Sometimes men no longer feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex and when a woman shows some interest, not only does a man react, he may allow her to stroke his ego and more. There is nothing like the thrill of the chase to men on the hunt. When they are finally rewarded for their efforts, their egos swell even larger.

Reason No 8. Lack Of Similarities

You both grow apart.Maybe the two of you didn’t have as much in common as you thought. He’s met a woman who has more in common with him who loves football or plays badminton. He may check out if he is compatible with her under the sheets also.

Reason No 9. Poor Sex Life (For Spouse Only)

For married couple,one of the causes of cheating is in term of sex satisfaction.and thus will allow them to seek satisfaction out there.Nowadays is so simple to find someone to satisfy their sex desire.(berlambak kat tepi jalan tu).So do not let your partner feel so.make sure they get the satisfaction they need.

Reason No 10. Less Attractive Appearance

This are very important things to do by women.It can be reasons also towards cheating by your men.so girls stay beautiful,stay fit,take care of your beauty for him..

Actually there are so many reasons why do men cheat,I just put some base on my experience...hehe
So until here,see you guyz on my next entry ok..
am chow luk...daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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  1. saya jujur yer..xsuka cheating2 ni..hehe

  2. @E.d.Y
    Owz really huh?..k good 4u ..:)

  3. pompuan2 sila baca ini.haha

  4. Big pain kalau ada pasangan yang curang

  5. @akubiomed
    Yeah your are right ..so much pain and hard to forget..huhu:(

  6. Wow..nice entry lop it..tqvm for follow me, now follow-follo..suda hehehe.. Jujur sa suka berkawan wif girl..but not cheat..Wiley

  7. @Cody@Farid
    Your welcome Farid,thanx too for following...

    berkawan tak salah,janji niat tu kena ikhlas..hehe


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