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Good Afternoon Everyone..!! My long silence from the world of blogs.There must be some readers who miss me,right?(ahaks pasan pulak)..hehe..

By the way today I want to share some good news for you all guyz…Its About Prepaid Mastercard Alliance Bank Berhad .It is also introducing a new debit card for those who do not know it yet.( Yang sudah tahu tue,lau nak tahu lagi boleh vha)..hikhik!!!
Alliance Bank Berhad is now introducing a prepaid card called the Prepaid Mastercard Alliance Bank Berhad.

Since the card is new, the campaign to promote the introduction of these cards is fierce run, to enable Malaysians to get used to bring about physical notes (the factor of safety), but rather use plastic money, a prepaid Mastercard by Alliance Bank Berhad.


What are the Benefits of Debit MasterCard?
flowerCard For Free
flower This card can be owned by anyone aged 18 and above.
flower This card can be used when you store or bank in the prepaid card account.
flower This card can be used to pay in any store logo Mastercard.
flower Also can be used to purchase items ,Pay bills and Book a ticket online either in Malaysia or foreign countries.
flower It also can be brought to other countries for use in making payment in there soon.
flower It is more secure without the need to carry cash.
flower Fast and stylish.
flower Annual fee of RM30 only ( If you make 10 times  transaction in a year you do not have to   pay the Annual Fees )
flower This card is rather like a credit card But is DEBIT.
flower This card are NO Monthly  Fee for maintaining your card
flower No Late Payment ,Because you only spend what you have.
flower There are No hidden charges like other banks
flower Top-Up is Easy And Free
flower The RM 50 Government Service Tax doesn’t Apply to this card

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Is this a credit card?

lunapic_130077409412613_7No, this is a debit card, which does not provide liability. It can only work when you insert or bank money into this account.

2) Where can I bank the money, if I want to use this card?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Once you received this card, you can bank in to any branch of Alliance Bank Berhad (fee free) or at any bank (2.00 fee)

3) Does this card enable me to pay the fee counters such as shopping complexes or at any display of the logo Mastercard?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Yes! Of course you can.

4) Can I withdraw my money back?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 May, at any bank ATM Alliance.

5) If I want to make the cancellation, when it can be done?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 It can be done after 8 months.

6) What other benefit, from this card?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 If your concerned about the safety and keselesan and style, you are encouraged to spend using this card as often as possible.There will be promotions from time to time for cardholders who frequently shop.

7) If I lost my card, where do I need to buiat report?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 At any Alliance Bank branch or by calling the card center.

8) When will I receive this card?
lunapic_130077409412613_7 This card will be delivered within 3 weeks.

And the most unique about this card is that we can decorate ownself way suit to your taste on how your card will look later…Click Here To Design Your Card.

Any Further Questions About This card can leave your comments below ..TQ!!
Thanx For reading yach..:) 
That’s all for back to work ..muahz!!!!!
Sharing The Love :)


  1. if i don't use this card,must i still pay for the annual fee?

  2. IЎЇm delighted that I have observed this weblog. Lastly something not a junk, which we undergo incredibly frequently. The website is lovingly serviced and saved up to date. So it have to be, thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love studying extra on this topic. If potential, as you acquire expertise, would you thoughts updating your blog with extra info? It is extremely useful for me.

  4. @Anonymous

    Thanks to your positive comments on my blog.

    I'll just share the info I knew only.
    since my work in this field..:)

  5. @Anonymous

    I am glad you like my topic on this.
    Actually I am not an expert as you think..hehe..
    But I only give information to a level that I know only..

  6. salam kakak. nama sy husna. sy dh lama dpt prepaid card ni tp skrg br nk try guna. sy dh bank in duit masuk ke card ni tp xbpleh guna lagi la. ke kena activate apa2 dlu sblm guna?


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