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Alucky day it seems to me  to be among the one whom is the luckiest winning the Introduction Lucky Draw by Chanteq Berhijab which was held in last March.
I didn't expect to be selected among the 105 joining this contest.I know these things only when one of my blogger friend congratulated me on my blog this morning.
I was surprised and start to rethink what contest I've joined before.because there’s many contest that I joined for the event but never win even once..hehehe :) not my lucky lol that time..So guess this is my first contest that I won at last..hahahaha!!!
You Do not Believe? The picture below as evidence ..hehehe

Me in No.15 ..(not my lucky No actually )

chanteq berhijab

Want to know what the prize for the lucky winner?Only the admin who knows it..hahaha!!but I read the prizes was a Shawls and if there’s many joining the contest the prizes might be more..Hopefully lah!!( aiseh tamak plak)..

Practically,I don’t even care what the prize will be,.the most important by this contest I can make more friends..The prize is still in processing  to deliver.Later after I got the prize, I will post a pictures and add here..just wanna share my happiness….

Until here..see yah on next episode..Take care guyz!! and thanks for reading..muahz!!!
Sharing The Love :)


  1. hi Assalamualaikum salam kenal...tukar link yuk..
    linknya sudah terpasang di blog saya...


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  4. Pandainya awk BI.....awl pun sya dah abis saya masih lagi down....

    ni nak bertahu,saya dah tukr url baru....kalau sudi, awk boleh follow saya balik.....di

    Maaflah menyusahkan awk...ape2 pun teruskan pejuangan di dunia blogger ini.semoga berjaya!amin

  5. @cayob

    Not too pandai gak vha..hehehe

    btw Cayob,url bawu yg wak beri ni mang dah saya follow pun..hikhik!!!

    same to you..happy blogging!!


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