Superstition ( Khurafat )

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Yesterday evening,I watched a Malay Horror movie titled Khurafat or in English means Superstition.I can not wait to watch this story from running again last month,but always missed the opportunity because a lot of work..The story is ok even the end of story is not the happy ending.This story guidance us Muslims for not associating the Almighty.

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The story begins with Johan, a young man who worked as the Assistant Hospital. Married and has a wife named Aisha. The couple is beginning a safe and happy marital life, but unexpectedly hit the middle of the road trauma. They are often harassed by a strange institution. Various attempts have been made but the disorder is still ongoing. This is very frightening them even more so Johan. The presence of a mysterious old woman .., plus the emergence of ex-girlfriend named Anna Johan is being weird and scary to add more episodes of trauma this couple..

Synopsis superstition: - myth tells of the forbidden and the agreement a form of abuse in the Islamic faith among the people and the devil, something that is forbidden in our holy religion. But human beings regardless of result .. He turned, backed by a greedy desire revenge eventually drift to the whispers of Satan.

In conclusion, the practice of superstition is a shift from dependence on men (creator / God) to a creature (created). In the Koran there are verses that called for reliance on God and rejected the belief that otherwise the goodness and reject evil. Which gives the pleasure and confidence in Allah only. To Him all creatures depend.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, sis. It's a scary movie but then again we learn something from it.

  2. Whoa! memang pink betol blog ni. hehe. jemput singgah blog. :)

  3. @Akha

    Thanx Akha for visited my blog..

    On da way ni nak singgah your blog gak..:)

  4. @Balqis
    Your Welcome sis..
    Sharing is caring vha..
    Yeah your right,this story is a reminder to us Muslims..


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