In Love Or Lust With You ?

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Love and lust are closely related.Lust is hormones.Nature's way of bringing the opposite sexes together for mate.In fact, without lust, it is doubtful that love between men and women will have the opportunity to prosper at all.Love is an emotion, a feeling, a wanting, and a “being”.Love is accepting,Appreciating and wanting Another to Feel Good.
Here it's a little difference of love and lust. An easy way to distinguish love and desire not to be fooled. So often we hear people ask "what's the difference between love and lust?". "How to differentiate between love and lust?". or a more serious "love and lust is the same or not?"
Here are a few Tips to help you sort this thing out;
lunapic_130077409412613_7 He Finds You’re Beautiful – It’s Love,babe
Although he has seen you without makeup, unkempt hair neat and messy some of time, but you still looks beautiful for him.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Focus With Your Body And Looks – It’s Lust ,Babe
He began to fantasize about how you look when you're naked,body and your breasts, as well visualize what it is like when you having sex with him.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 All He Wanted Only To Spent Time With You – It’s Love,Babe
He just wants to be with you no matter when and where is weather for having sex or not at all.Even you tells him that sex will have to wait until you both legally married,He even don’t care.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 He Don’t  Care What You Say – It’s Lust,Babe
Various reasons and excuses he gave when you ask him to spend time and accompany you except for SEX. But If he was to meet you for that purpose, although busy at work he is willing to spend even 24 hours of fun with you.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 He Thinking About Your Future Together – It’s Love,Babe
When he experienced extreme feelings of love to you to not willing to part with you in a second way.He felt that the world will seem empty without you in sight.Important to him for his family would also like you, and to better communicate with those close to him as well.Most importantly he is thinking of marrying you.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 He Just Be With You For Sex – It’s Lust,Babe
Makes no difference if he did not contact or never had conversation with you.He will not even bother replying your call or text, even if for days talking to you.Until he get horny again.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 He Include You In All His Plans – It’s Love,Babe
Even he’s going out with his buddies, she wants you with him.can’t get you off on his mind and quickly says "I miss you" sms.Of course, his friends do not know about it.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Phone You When He Need You – It’s Lust,Babe
After rejoicing with buddies on Saturday night,He then call you at 2 a.m for some action.If you can not sneak go out,just thru a phone call "Phone Sex" they called it,was enough for him.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Have Chemistry Between You – It’s Love,Babe
He felt hours passes like minutes, he never tired and willing to hear you tell about things that happened to your days.You both have a great chemistry.
lunapic_130077409412613_7 Leave You After Sex – It’s Lust,Babe
Upon completion of the intimate relationship with you, he will easily find reasons to leave you.No Cuddling,No breakfast in the next  morning .just "I have to go".
For some people, they say love and lust is just the same. But not for me. For me personally, obviously in love and lust are two different things. Although the difference is very thin, maybe that makes people often fooled, can not distinguish where the lust and the love ..?This confusion has also been misleading me in my single days ago.Hopefully with these tips, women out there can identify these features men who love you or just lust with you..
“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.”
till my next entry..Thanx For Reading..Have A wonderful Today!!!
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