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Soon Pikom PC Fair will be held once again for the year of 2011 at the  Community Hall Sandakan, Sabah for three (3) consecutive days of 22th to 24th April.

PIKOM’s PC Fair 2011 is a popular sales fair involving computers, computer accessories and information technology related gadgets. Visitors get to compare a huge number of latest products before deciding on what to buy.

Exhibition booths usually hand out promotion pamphlets and the latest price listings for computer products. Many selected products are usually sold for cheaper-than-outside promotion price. Most of the time, the price war between exhibitors gets intense when each of them take turns to announce slashed prices for certain products. Freebies or goodies bag are usually given away to attract visitors to their booths. Visitors usually benefit from value for money deals amidst the crowded exhibition halls.

This is the 2nd time, I became one of exhibitor on our booth .. Just in the first year I joined TM Berhad for promoted the streamyx and so on, and this year REDtone WiMAX Broadband where we promote a new broadband called "WiMax Broadband" .This Broadband coverage area is limited as it is still new here in Sandakan.

So as usual the day BEFORE the days awaited by many people in Sandakan, I was very busy to prepare all materials and flyers to be brought to Pikom later.Luckily I have a diligent assistant..as you can see in the picture below..Dila is named, was single and just finished her SPM.

So those in Sandakan, do not forget to come to PC Fair tau,all invited to come to our booth..hahaha!!!..sempat laek pomot vha.

Wimax broadband is priced from RM50 per month and above.Speed ​​is one step ahead compared to other brands,but only in the coverage area only.

anyone want to apply, better the time Pikom PC Fair , as it will get Redtone 4GB Pendrive For FREE ( limited Stock Only).

Ok lah guyz,I’ve gotta go,lot things goin to do..Till my next entry..Arigatōgozaimasu!!!

Note : Actually this post will be publish on the day before PC Fair, but because am too busy until I forgot to publish it ..hehe:) so layan jak la k!!
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  1. Woahh d mana tu Community House sandakan. mau pegiii

  2. @CinoiLavigne
    ngee late reply sudah..sory ya..dewan vha tua actually kat town Sandakan gak..:)


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