Racism Sparked Back !

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What is an individual wants to be with this present age? Never exhausted themselves with the racist.Last year there has also occurred with the same racism as this.Never learn at all.Only thing that’s not much has happened to them involves someone in that race simply insulting the entire race.

Although the government has implemented "1 Malaysia" but there are still some racist people in this country.Just because of despair, abandoned by a lover, beaten and many more related to the perpetrator of the Sabahan people which the author is proudly  to created a page group namely  "Fuck Sabah" with intent to insult and belittle Sabahan in the public on the increasingly popular social sites in this age which are Facebook.

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The creator of the group are not thinking directly about the calamity that will befall him later because of ignorance and shallow-minded , people of Sabahan seem to have angered to his all actions.Such things should not be happen in this country.Foreign countries will only be laughed at us.

Hopefully the government will take action in the strongest terms to end this issue because it involves a race where the country is very concerned about racism.Because this can produce feelings of racial resentment that also cause disputes or hostilities with each other.Things are very sad when that happens.There is no benefit to do these things, just embarrassing themselves.

With this I invite those who are concerned with this matter by reporting of this group for Facebook to eliminate this group from their network.

Follow The Steps Given


Log-In To Your Facebook Account


Click Here ” Fuck Sabah

fuck sabah1

Browse to the bottom of page

fuck sabah

Report It as show below


Your’e Done ..

Thank you for your cooperation ,Once you have contributed As Malaysian For Peace For Our Country..

May Allah .S.W.T  always bless us all ..
Sharing The Love :)


  1. truknye..
    btw, kamu ditag.. jum join cntest..


  2. @Diya Edhayaa

    Really it is,Dear..

    Thanx for tag me nweiz..:)

  3. whoever made that group is a pathetic, selfish scumbag with an extremely shallow-minded brain! racism is stupid!

    emm sory abt my foul language.
    follow u back already :)

  4. entah apa yg org ni x puas hati. tindakan seperti ini x menyelesaikan apa-apa sebaliknya menanam sifat kebencian dan perpecahan

  5. @Isaac FrankExactly ..so pity for those of them..They are educated but do not use what they have learned it very well..

    Btw..thanx for followed back:)Its ok ..am used to it:)

  6. @Tanakwagu

    Betul tue .. budak2 ni mcm takde kerja lain asyik2 sabahan jak yg kena..takat hal kecik nak diperbesarkan..

    Semoga mereka sedar akan kesilapan mereka ..Wallahualam..!

  7. Ntahla budak2 ni..tiada kerja lain la tu. Sot2 kali..

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