Reason Why Women Loves Make-Up ?

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Why women loves make-up ? topic on my entry today.There is also some relatives and friends who asked me the same thing." Kenapa perlu make-up?,kan dah cantik tue " or " Ndak payahlah vha mekap,menggoda la tue" or this " Ko tue sudah bergelar isteri,tak perlu bercantik tau pakai mekap pun"..for me personally,this statement is not true at all.Nothing’s wrong with a women especially women who have been called as a wife like me to apply make-up, so the face looks more lively and energetic, does not seem looks very dull.There's No need to put pressed powder or foundation to 18 inches thick on the face,then put a simple makeup..then you go girl..

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Some women applied make-up is not to win or want to seduce men.But there is something very difficult to be explained that only women who know it.Sometimes women make-up for the right comforted their hearts and to satisfy her other words “ just for fun “ would like to try new things .And most importantly, 
has nothing to do with the men.

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This is the way I feel about makeup, and how I think other women grow up to love it as well.The feeling I get when I open up a new package of makeup is hard to describe. To say I am obsessed is too harsh, but I definitely adore my makeup. I enjoy the artistry that goes into creating my look for some of occassions. I enjoy putting together colors and highlighting my best features. Hiding my worst features is something that also gives me pleasure. Mascara, Eye Shadow, Lipstick,Lip Shiner  or Blush, it’s all wonderful. If someone gave me a gift of makeup I feel like they know me. They really thought deeply about the things that I love and knew it would brighten my day.I apply make-up only at times when there is an special occassion or event, I will attend..and depends on my mood at that time.

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As we know ,almost all women have the habit of bathing, and dressing up, daub minimal powder and comb a hair. It was not a woman confident enough to leave the house or move without makeup. Maybe you'll say, make - up to look pretty . But it turns out the real reason is not that simple. Actually there is a push from the inside that makes women love to linger in front of the mirror and makeup. 

Indeed, some women apply makeup to look beautiful and charming,also to cover all the ugliness in the face of those who actually,those who have unhealthy skin, such as facial acne, oily and so on.You are on your way to growing up. When you wake up and your face is broken out horribly then you know you can cover it up, and not feel insecure all day. You can face whatever.

A study conducted by experts from France that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. Mentioned, every woman likes makeup grooming because it stimulates the activity of three our senses as  Touch, Smell, and Sight.The senses then trigger 2 distinct psychological results,which reduces anxiety or to seduce, which is more about asserting one's social power. Therefore, the way we use cosmetics is based in large part on our psychological profile.

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When doing make-up, our visual senses are pampered by the beauty created by the activities of screw eyes, lips, and cheeks that we do. Second, depending on the type of cosmetics we wear, dress up also stimulates the sense of smell. Some kinds of cosmetics, such as powder, foundation, lipstick too has a distinctive and delicious fragrance.
Third, the sense of touch is also stimulated, especially when the process of applying cosmetics. Remember how the taste sensation is generated when we wring blush on the cheeks, or moisture glossed lips after the lipstick?However, the most interesting findings from these studies are cosmetic psychological impact for the wearer.

Many have said, the woman who loves make-up are those who have no confidence in themselves,Is this true?For me, Its not it is .. but with the confidence that is encouraging women to make-up.I don’t know  the opinion of other women, this for me alone..ok

I also had consulted with the other women about their views on this topic and they said,"There is a mixture of expectation, encouragement and ambition” and this “Make-up contributes to building relationships with others and feelings of pleasure in women

So men out there,you don’t have to dispute the women matter why they like makeup ?, why do they need to make up ? and etc.Because only women who would understand the women themselves.

Why you can agree??

Why you can not agree ?????

Feel free to share your opinion …
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  1. aku nak aku kurang pandai bahasa enggles...heheh...ape2 pun....aku nampak gambr...aku simpulkan agree hehehe

  2. salam dik...

    adakalanya berjam-jam duduk depan cermin...tapi hasilnya lg cantik tak ber make-up,terlebih touch-up gamaknya.

    tapi adik tak make-up pun lawa hehe

  3. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII ( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

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  6. @cayob
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  7. @cicitHJHASSANu

    As Salam Bang Hash,

    thanks for the comments and compliments..hehe

  8. @Gillion

    Hi Gill,

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    I am very agree with you SKII cream really works, many women who will wear the cream even if it is sold at high price in the market..:)


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  10. nice entry..
    just wonder how the feeling cuz
    i x pakai make up and never buy even a single compact powder!
    but,seriously i do agree with ur opion..
    visit my blog too! =)


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