Marimar Actress Semi Nude Acting Soon

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 The actress Marian Rivera will go topless in the epicserye 'Amaya'.Marian Rivera as Amaya (Slave, Princess, Warrior). Amaya will premiere on May 30 After a 3-month vacation from her last project, Endless Love, Marian Rivera has a busy schedule nowadays. She is Preparing for her next epicserye, Amaya with GMA7. Marian has practical Sessions on the fundamental skills and techniques of arnis and wushu. She needs these lessons of martial arts for her role as a warrior princess.

Since Amaya is an 'epicserye', she plays a role of a slave and a princess. As a slave, she has some Scenes That require her to go topless. Amaya is directed by March Alejandre. Marian Rivera is dubbed the Queen of GMA primetime, and a real life sweetheart of actor Dindong Dantes. Since Dingdong Dantes,Marian’s real and reel partner, is being paired with Regine Velasquez in “I Heart You Pare”, he can’t take the role of Amaya’s leading man.Sid Lucero, and eventually will be the leading man to Amaya.

GMA 7 is known to spend movie projects that calls for quality and one example of these is Amaya. For the costume budget alone of the artists and participants’ of Amaya, a pre-colonial setting, dating back in the 1500s, GMA 7, has spent Php 3 million pesos. In the location site of Amaya in Laguna, they have established 3 villages in Lagaslas Picnic Grounds at Pagsanjan, and in the same location they also built more than 40 houses. Aside from that, the setting of Amaya is done in multi-location that has made it more expensive.

Amaya (Marian Rivera) & Bagani ( Sid Lucero) -Specified provisions of the Clash but love each other At Last

The historical epicserye Amaya, which is set during the 1500s.The plot of Amaya revolves around the binukot, a tribal princess played by Marian Rivera. Her character is a noble princess who turns into a slave (uripon) before finally becoming the greatest female warrior of her time. She is Amaya, the epicserye's central heroine whose journey will transcend fictional boundaries and recreate a moment in the nation's cultural history.

Unfortunately, this drama series, aired in the Philippines only .. and I'm sure this series will not be aired in Malaysia just because .. you know lah..If I still lived in the Philippines, I certainly will not miss a single episode of this series later..huhuhu..The story is similar to the drama series "Encantadia" it !!
Apparently, I had to watch this series via Youtube only this time, I hope they have good hearts may upload each episode this series on Youtube..:)
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