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This week I have noticed many bloggers who have lost their Follower gadgets, including my own blog as well.All of a sudden my followers are not showing up in blogger.I tried to remove and re-add the gadget, deleted cache/cookies, restart etc.....on other computers it is not showing up either.And went I look to see all the blogs I follow, if they else saw the same problem as mine..

My Follower Gadged Showing Nothing

I can't see or become a follower on anyone else's page..very sad when these things happen.How to follow and the viewers will folllow back.Moreover, if we follow them or vice versa, they will not be able to see it because gadgets follower are not functioning properly.

Because of these problems complicate the viewer to follow my blog,I simplify your work, by just click the Follow button as you see in the picture below ( Hightlighted With Purple).So I hope the bloggers do the same, to facilitate your viewers to follow your blog in an easy way.

follow button

Hopefully this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible,because no widgets followers feel like we are not equipped for blogging..hehehe:)

I think we would all appreciate it if someone at Blogger or anybody outhere would address this problem... and tells us what's going on and how we should proceed and fixed it back to normal as usual.If I have missed some official announcement or something, would someone please advise me. Thanks!!

Since Follower gadgets are not visible and not working,For those who follow my blog,Kindly inform me so that I know and follow your blog as well..
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  1. hohoho... i got that problem too... it's makes me sad..... whats happen?

  2. @loveryn

    Don't Know either la dear..Last week just fine..huhuhuhu...

  3. @கு.மனோஜ்.M.Sc.,M.Phil,.D.C.A

    Hmm until now?..well as you can see,mine is ok now..:)


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