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First,I thought about the blog is very narrow.I thought there was no meaning had own blog after all. "Blog? malas la sia mau baca,suma pun hal tentang diri mereka jew,buang masa jak",That's the first impression I am against blogs..(jaat plak kan)..ada aku kesah…muahahaha!!! 

When I heard about a blog, I'll remark it just a place to relieve a feeling and express all that pent-up place in deep down their heart.Why am I thinking like that ? I do not know either why..Wkakakaka!!!,a lot thanks to him..Many of these people who have blogs. But when I saw those people's blog. Everything is more or less the same.Most emo post, about her/him,si jantung hati,intan payung, Angry with him/her, a scene with this guy/girl,a scene there, a scene here and so on..

"Lah,lau cam ni jak tujuan nya berblog,ndak ada blog pun takpa..baek sia maen Facebook lagi bagus “..I never view a blog.I had a friends said she has a blog. I just said. " Oh,Ok " Because I already know what will be the contents of her blog. ..belum masuk blog dah tau content plak..Sory yer dear..

But now , all that perception has changed and now I have my own blog as you see now.Long time ago,I knew a man through a social network. He said he has a blog. And explain everything to me about blog.Start there I slowly started learning about blogs..Entry disordered,verse is not aimlessly,Already written half of entry , got blur, then delete at the end.Editing blog theme,hundred times a day then forgets to back-up the old template.luckily I know little about HTML.done blogwalking..All that I learned by myself.

Time passes away,much knowledge about blogging that I had learned,Thanks to all Sifu who never tired to teach me.Obviously,blog is not just a place for express our feeling. But also to share knowledge,thoughts,photograph,news within or outside the country,ideas about what is happening around us and,bonds of friendship among blogger,it is most important.

And now when people ask me this, " Syok kew ada blog? " and I replied, "Syok la vha, rugi kau ndak ada blog tau”..kuikuikui!!!!!!

Now, I have become addicted to blogging..uhuk!!!
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  1. 1st ada blog lagi lah, teda hias2 ni sebab friendster blog saja kann. huuu. Menaip jak byk. ANwyay congrats. Keep it up. Skrg mcm suma org suda ada blog

  2. @Cinoi
    rajin nya ko dear ..hehehe mang dari dulu ar dah berblog kan?..sia ada gak blog kat FS,tapi malas sia mau update salu..

    Betul tue skunk ni almost every1 dah ada blog masing-masing..

    btw..thanx dear..:)

  3. ЎHola!

    SГ© que es necesario hacer)))


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