Happy “1 st MAY” Day

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In all this I am in the blogging world,This is the first time I made ​​an entry about Labour Day.I have just celebrated this Labour Day about Six (6) years since I started worked on 2006.Apparently too long so I'm working isn't it?..

Prior to this, Labour Day is called Worker’s Day.Let us all together find out what the history behind this Labour Day.

labour day
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According to Wikipedia, Workers' Day or Labour Day is a name for various holidays celebrated annually on May 1 (or the beginning of May). But the fact today is also known as International Workers Day, which is a warning about the economic and social success for the movement of workers. May 1 is used because in 1884, the Employees and Workers Federation, which was inspired by the success of the Labour Party in 1872 in Canada, asked the eight-hour day working in the United States, effective on May 1, 1886. This resulted in general strikes and the Haymarket strike in 1886, but gradually also in the office for eight-hour day.Most countries celebrate labour day in May and is known as May Day in the UK and Germany. While in Europe called the European May Day  or Euro May Day.Whatsoever lah kan as long as tomorrow is Labour Day..

So guys what will you all do during these day ? Resting or relaxing on the beach with your family? blogwalking throughout the day ?Dating with loved ones ? ngee menyibuk jew sia ni kan..hehe:)..Despite what you all do, we will definitely have a sense of calm for a moment because not plagued with the work that piled at the offfice.So have fun with your holiday, use the holidays as best you can.But holiday this time around is very nice,right?because fall in Sunday which is indeed are holiday too. So there is compensation leave…Yippie!!!

There is nothing more I want to say, I would like to greet all worker’s  'Happy Labour Day' tomorrow. As workers / employees are loyal and work hard to contribute to their company,who worked as a salesman/saleswoman in the mall and shops,for the self-employed or entrepreneurs who make money on via the internet,in all the so-called worker’s.Take the opportunity tomorrow to relax with your loved ones.Make this May 1 holidays , as appreciation or reward for ourselves.Hopefully after celebrating these day, when back to work will be a new spirit to perform the duties of the office later tau..

For me, tomorrow I will spend time with my adorable nephew, because my husband was not with me this holidays,its ok with me after all…Well,see you all on Tuesday!!!..Am Off now..

Have an awesome “ Labour Days”..and be safe always..muahz!!!!!!

Title in my entry was "1 st MAY" ,date of published earlier than the title .Can't wait to be published vha..layan jak la k..hikhikhik!!!
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  1. Happy Labour's Day To You Too :)


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