Waiting For Tonight

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Hai you all guy. . .How's your weekend goes today?Is it everything ok?. . .ok. . .ok . . .its none of my business..(menyibuk jak sia ni kan. . .)

Well,asked about my days. .nothin is special at all.Since my parents went to holidays five days ago,I've stayed at my parents home to watchin my teenage siblings.(faham2 jew la anak muda,if takde orang dewasa jaga). . .hehe. . .but am kinda sporting gak la,but there's limit. .

My activity's todays,just taking care of my nephew,because her mom went to clinic for check up..Cleaning and washed my cloth as well. .Then watching tv's and dvd's all day long. .

Probably some of you wondered,.whom or what am waiting for tonight,isn't it?. . .hehe. .Actually,my parents will be home soon,around 2 a.m. .Yeah! Its late at night already,.they took bus at 8 p.m so thats why..they used to saved money by taking a bus,is cheap mah. . .:-D

Hmm i dont know what to say anymore,beside i've intend to wrote a short entry only cause am so boring alone at home by myself...Sibling went out meet their friends.

Ok then. .see yah tomorrow. .Pray that my parents will be arrive safely tonight. . Amin!

Sleep tight and Good night all!
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  1. is time for movie marathon babe! :D i always do that when I'm home alone always.. Hehe..

  2. @ღ Mitchell ღ

    Same goes with me dear..
    I'll always do that on my lonelier time ..hahaha!!!


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