Malaysian Student Earns RM30k By Selling Body

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Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - A secondary school student in Malaysia made 30,000 ringgit (US$9,955) during the year-end school break last year by selling her own body, Malaysian newspaper China Press reported.

It said the student from Kuala Lumpur charged customers 250 ringgit to 800 ringgit each so that she could indulge in luxury items.

"I have sex at least five times a day. However, I take a week's break each month," she told the paper.

The girl said she was cutting down on her sexual services this year as she wanted to prepare for the SPM examinations.

According to the daily, the girl was among many students who used Facebook to earn money through sex and buy luxury items they covet and one even said she had listed her sex service on a website to earn money to buy an iPhone.

Most of them were from Johor Baru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Customers are asked to pay up to 300 ringgit per session and 600 ringgit if the customer wanted an overnight sex session.

The paper reported that the girls charged 3,000 ringgit if their customers wanted to have them for a month.

It also said the girls offered telephone sex at 150 ringgit per call and sent a photograph of them in the nude through the mobile phone for 10 ringgit per copy.

The paper's reporter contacted one of the girls through SMS and Internet messaging service by posing as a customer.

Some girls, who posed as prostitutes, also used Facebook to cheat potential customers.

The paper passed on the information it had gathered on the sex service to the Johor police.

The police said they would investigate the matter.

Source : By News Desk in Kuala Lumpur/The Star | ANN

To the women out there,Do not do this thing.
Does'nt matter even if we're not rich,remember we still have the hereafter. Strive to succeed in life and get a good job, InsyaAllah, you will get the reward later.
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  1. Gilak lah.. Semata2 barang mewah macam iPhone tu? Hu3.. Tu masih muda tu rehat satu minggu sebab datang bulan. Kalau x, sapu habes lah non-stop. 5x sehari? Memang habislah antibodi.. Umur 30-an nanti merasalah macam 60-an sudah..


    Berpelajaran tapi tak digunakan. . .sungguh memalukan. .5 times a day?,. .lau newly weds couple ndak apa juga. .:$


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