Blog Of The Week - #3

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Hai peeps!!..Today it’s Saturday sooo , as i promised I’m going to say who’s my blog of the week this week !! ..

Azeanthy's Blog

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Foremost, I have to say that I’ve been looking for the blogs whos got the highest refferer into my blog and the winner of the week goes to ....[ ] owned by a cute Miss Azeanthy.

Love this pic of her ( P/S : Curik pic ni jap :))

Honestly, awesome blog, I’m in love with it and the sweetheart behind it :) really really love every post on it!!especially in those adoreable pictures that she took.To me, she is an expert enough in taking a picture.Unfortunately, Its too late to get knowing her,If not, I would pay her to take pictures on my big day last year..hehehe:)

"Simple with high enthusiasm.Never give up pursuing for my goals life.Close people knows me better=)".. She Said on her blog.

A fun-fact that for me gives her the edge : She is also one of my loyal visitors, Every day I've seen her name in my Visitor logs list...thank you dear :)

Make sure you pop over to Cik Azeanthy  and take a peek :)
See you soon going to  take my lunch now...Follow her and you wont regret it ,promise:)
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Sharing The Love :)


  1. Best kan blog dia. ^^
    Sy suka tgk gambar2 yg dia shoot..terutama gambar dia sendiri, cantik ni ^^

  2. @Aemy Shamy betul tue dear,saya suka sangat dengan pic2 yang di ambil..rasa nak belajar lah plak. . Hehehe

  3. ooo my godness!!u did this dear!!!i felt appreciated and sooooo glad 'till i feel like to let my tears down!!

    u're so adorable dear..and i love to read ur blog too..sorry for being late for reading your post today,i was in somewhere handling my huge tasks...thanks day i am going to do the same with u u so much may god bessing u!!!

  4. @Azeanthy Paiman Of course I did! Why surprised dear? owh Don't waste your tears..hold it'..hehehe

    This is the only way I able to appreciate for the kindness all of my visitors and readers who diligently visiting my blog and whom keep it alive..

    Don't be dear,I knew it you were in the middle of doing something yesterday..

    Wab yah too :P..Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Fasting!

  5. hehe..yg sy tau eyanz ni talented dan friendly..
    suka bila dia post anything yg related dgn prsn dia.. :)

  6. @echaRierie betul tue dear. . ..i like her entry damn much. .


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