Facebook Disallow Publication Cover Of Nirvana

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Los Angeles : Picture album Nevermind, popular rock group, Nirvana in 1991 were forbidden to appear on social networking site Facebook.

As quoted from Femalefirst, nude photograph of a baby swimming for the money alleged violation of community values​​.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Facebook site operator also told the picture is in breach of the terms and conditions set by the social pages.

"Facebook does not allow pictures that attack an individual or group, or a nude, drug use, in the form of force or violation of some other conditions.

However, Spencer Elden a baby in the picture at 20 years did not object to photos posted on social networking site, even he admits discomfort when more people see it.

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  1. He's grown up ardy. Hahaha...

    First time seeing that cover album. What on earth were they thinking. Put guitar, or music or Nirvana pictures instead. Why naked baby.

  2. Dear,to be honest,i was keening NIRVANA since my secondary school..hehe....best2 jg lagu durg kan..=)

  3. i don't like that group to be honest. ;)

  4. @SimplySeoul Yeah,he is grown up..I love this cover,the little baby boy was so cute to me..

    @Azeanthy Paiman So do I dear, once on my teen age ,I was fan of this group band..love the song.

    @nGiau Too bad ..hehehe

  5. That's the truth of human nature. Mau buat macam mana juga. Haha. Plus, the owner of the body seems like did not care also. So what's the problem of these people? Haha. I heart Nirvana! ;)

  6. Is that the boy? Haha.
    Well, I don't know what to say...but I think it's okay..for me la, maybe because I love Nirvana kan :p
    Besides, it's just a baby and the owner doesn't care at all.

  7. @Fadzmie Mohamad that's true. . .for me nothin is wrong with the cover. .it just a naked baby. . Hehe

  8. @Aemy Shamy its him dear. .he's grown up now. . .but he's more cute when he's a little boy..hehe. . .


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