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As I observed lately,many of these bloggers chased popularity and traffic with their own way.Some of them made a contest and giveaways to attract the attention of other bloggers.Some provide money as a gift to the winners and lots more things.PLEASE NO OFFENDED!!!..This entry has nothing to do with anyone out there, it is only from my point of view.!! ok.

Maybe not all bloggers intend that and probably some is YES .Or the bloggers is just kind of appreciate the readers and visitors to his/her blog.And there are also intending to increase their blog traffic in order to earn or make money thru adsense nor nuffnang right ?..Which one you belong?..

However,many may not realize the benefits if your blog is not popular at all..Who says blogs non-popular don’t have its own advantages? If I say YES would you believe me? still don’t want to believe?..OK let us see..:)

pink01If our blog is popular, people will know the blog owner's mainly who added of his/her real picture on blog. When the unknown will do recognize you , may arise a sense of pride to ourself, cocky or arrogant  and etc. Isn’t it this feeling are not good? For the blog that is not popular anyway, not well known. its Difficult to people knowing  the true owner of the blog right?.

pink02Just like an artists,have to take care of your blog look always.Design must take serious on popular blog. You must get  beautiful and neat all the time. Otherwise, visitors will say “ Apsal lah blog ni ,jadi popular erk..cam tak sesuai jew”.Blog unpopular? its your choice to design whatever you want to design.As if no one’s care of it. Like my blog last year, I do want I wanna do.Every week I changed my blog  template..so very rajin of me kan...hikhik!!!

pink03Popular blogs should be updated every time, at least one post a day to avoid decrease the blog’s number of  visitors. Of course, I admit that there are also people passing by even though rarely to update ,but it is for the long term? If blogs are  unpopular, if you don't update every day, doesn’t matter lah ,because there’s no any readers want to read the entries you made right?..ekekeke

pink04If your blog is popular for its own domain and hosting,have to think of all sorts things, such as hosting and blog backup bandwidth.Have to think about bandwidth it might  in the middle of the month, the viewers can not open the blog because the bandwidth has reached the limit..what a shame..:)There must be an attack on a popular blog , that hater hate the popular blog.We can not guessed what could be done by our competitors who sees blogs as a competitor to them..While Blogs that are unpopular, only used domain and hosting that already exist like me, I don’t  have  to waste my time to care about this blog bandwidth..FOC lagi hehehe.

pink05Post in this popular blog should be quality one.If not ,people will disputed it or might say “ Betul kah juga Blog si Blah tue popular erk? Entri macam sampah jak aku baca” .May be depressed too if you want to make a quality on your posts all the time.While Blog unpopular? Create a post today as I had no idea of ​​anything to write on  my blog. People want to dispute that  you like to make an entry like that? And How he/she  would like to dispute it ,if  he/she does not visit your blog ever ,right?

pink06If there are some visitors coming to visit and comment to your entries, and you were already busy with other people comments and  because your blog has become popular until you forget to visit and reply comment to  someone, they would say " Ish sombong nya lah Pemilik blog Blah ni ".And you just respond to blogs A, but not his/her blog.they will be upset at you ..How could you kan?Blog is  unpopular? no one will bother you to reply their comments nor  visits back their blog or not.They just dont care lol!

These are some of the advantages of un-popular I can trace on this blog.I think is  enough up to these  6 advantages. So bloggers that are not popular out there, do not be too excited to make your blog so popular.Enjoy to the fullest advantages of this existing 6 ..okay!! Let  the popularity come with its own without you chasing it.That way, we should feel proud to be popular one..:)

So whether you want to be a blogger? Ask yourself first why you blogging and then set your goals and direction of your blog that you are able to thrive in the arena of blogging.

I also like to hear from you who read this blog, what are the advantages and disadvantages of my blog from your point of view?
I sometimes daily blogger .. hehe ..if possible I want to have an entry every day, but, at times my busy schedule, limiting me to do so. Actually, I like very much view the updated blog entries every day. Because, when I first stuck, I will come every day, and when there is no entry,I will start frust and not visit the blog again .. hehehe ...
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  1. Been blogging since Feb 2009, kalau betul2 sy mau popular maybe dah boleh dapat 3000++++ follower. Hakikatnya sekarang cuma ada 200++ follower ja sebab xpenah pasang niat untuk fofular.

    Ada satu blog popular BA tu...seriously xbest mana pun tulisan dia. Nuffnag ja banyak...sorry.

  2. @SimplySeoul six months earlier than me....And as for me,there is potential of your blog will become popular soon because of your unique tutorial I've never ever read on any other blog before..

    So keep on it dear :)

  3. Totally agreed with you dear!!

    i loved this post.=)

  4. @Azeanthy Paiman

    hehehe thanx dear..
    its all base on my own experienced..hehehe

  5. agreed! nasib gua tak popular..hahaahaha

  6. @Gua Tertidur tahu tak per..kang popular , blog kena hacked lagi lah..hehehe

  7. sy blogging baru juga.. april 2011.. sy blogging coz mo cari kawan.. share idea & cerita.. isi masa lapang sy d ofice.. hihi

    dulu2 teruja juga follow blog2 famous ni.. dan teringin mo blog sy jadi macam dorang.. tapi lama kelamaan bila sy tengok comment atau pertanyaan kita seperti tidak dibaca..

    then, sy stop follow blog yang famous2 ni..

    sejak sy join WSB.. sy lagi suka BW blog2 dalam komuniti ni.. cukup la sekadar memenuhi masa lapang sy kan..

    ok juga ba jadi un-popular ni.. hihi


  8. @nowriz

    Hahaha!! same with you lah juga dear..dulu saya jeles gak bila tengok blog yang popular ni,siap follow dan komen..nak juga become like them one day kan..hehehe

    But too sad mostly of them sombong nak mampus..bab dah kena many times,finally I decided not do it again..

    And now i've change my mind..after saya join WSB ,am happy to just visit wsbians members,juga mereka yang rajin komen dan view my blog.

    Being popular ,does'nt important..as long as niat kita ikhlas..

  9. setuju2..
    sy pun blogger yg nda popular sbb sy mengaku entri sy byk personal..share2 gitu ja.
    sy suka berkwn sm blogger yg nda sombong..
    once pegi blog dia then dia visit balik ok sy puas tp klw sdh visit tp nda pernah mmbls sure nda dtg blog tue sdh..haha..jhtkn sy ?

    tp blog yg sdh popular tue no komen la sbb terlampau ramai visitors..hoho ~

    apapun keep on blogging girl !
    hehe ~

  10. @echaRierie I think you wrong lah dear..perhaps you dont realize that you are already popular among other blogger..ko jak kali yg ndak pasan..

    tapi ko jenis yang peramah giler and mostly rajin gitu..saya suka vha urank macam ni..mesra alam :)

  11. sy bt blog utk kongsi rasa..bkn nak kejar follower.. =))

    byk2 post pon sy yg akan bca sdiri..ehehe

  12. @Akue Achik saya pun akan baca juga if ada masa..hehe

  13. A true blogger will blog for passion & love, not for popularity or money. Hehe. Tu pendapat sy la. ^^
    Tp kalau dah popular, tu bonus la utk blogger, maybe sbb post dia menarik & dia sangat friendly d blogosphere. Sy x tau la mcm mna popularity blog sy, sy x kisah sgt yg penting dpt banyak kwn & dpt share mcm2 story..hehehe..
    btw I think your blog is popular. I love it :)

  14. @Aemy Shamy @Aemy Shamy yeah your are right dear..but somehow,there is also blogger whos popular gettin forget to their self..they dont realize without viewers,readers and followers,they are nothing..

    I dont think my blog is popular,.coz I only have a few return visitors..but it doesnt matter anyway..am happy for what i have now on my blog..:-D

  15. Saya tidak mau jadi blogger popular, sebab saya malas update selalu. Haha. Buli ka macam tu? ;)

  16. @Fadzmie Mohamad buli vha lau kaw . .hehe. .even me,i dont want to be a popular. . So anytime jew saya update,no one's care. . Hahahaha!

  17. Been blogging since 2005 di frenster blog, 2008 start d blogspot. Follower ciput seja. Sebab teda amsa mau kasi popular2 suma. my passion is in sharing by writing. so itu jak saya excited buat.

    But if ada org btul2 follow, bukan stakat klik follow, tp baca setiap crita, boleh tnya2 blk lg hal yg sudah lama ditulis, itu makes me proud juga. Feel overwhelmed.

  18. jgn la kene hack :( kak! gua dah baik dari demam!

  19. i just cant think of my blog is the way i express my felling and the way i can communicate with readers and the way i can improve myself.

    and traffic is also important but it is not my priority. anyway thanks for sharing this


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