5 Anti-Fatigue Foods

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Maybe on this glorious month of fasting,for those who fasted will feel sleepy and get easily tired,mostly for those who is work, thus sleep behind the desk or in front of your computer. And unfortunately the boss who wake you up with a half smile on his/her face.Your Boss watching you with angry pose because you caught up sleeping in office. Enough! Your body can no longer be left exhausted to sleep. Let's peek a few food menu that will make the body more energized and not easily tired.

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pink01  Yoghurt

As quoted from Indiatimes, yogurt is a source of energy that works very quickly after consumption. Sugar contained in it to channel energy to the body. While protein helps channel the energy slowly, so that the abdomen was not easy to feel hungry. On the other hand, the good bacteria in yogurt may help facilitate digestion.

pink01  Oatmeal

Although looks are not filling and as baby food, the menu that this one really helps the body stay enthusiastic and energetic. The combination of carbohydrates and fiber to make the stomach full longer. Besides, oatmeal is rich in magnesium and phosphorus that prevents the body to tired easily.

pink01  Juice or water

If the body feels tired and weak, could be the body is dehydrated. For that inadequate water needs for the body. Consumption of fresh fruit juices rich in vitamin C, A and B1 such as oranges or drink mineral water. Surprising Reasons To Drink More Water.

pink01  Nuts and seeds

Nuts are rich in omega 3 good for additional energy in the body. Snacks such as almonds, walnuts, or raisins you can add to the shopping list and placed in small jars as an additional energy assistance.

pink01  Foods rich in iron

Consumption of iron-rich foods to help facilitate the circulation of oxygen. Iron deficiency anemia can cause a person experiences, and the body becomes tired and weak.

Now, you can look extra energy and stay cheerful..Tired and sleeping at workhour, a very irresponsible action.
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  1. dalam banyak2 tu air ja sa paling banyak ambil....hhehe

  2. suka nasi lemak,konpom tidur dalam opis.. sejuk kan.. hehe.. tapi memang ni la makanan2 kalau tida mau mengantuk.. ^_^.v..

  3. waaahhh yogurt! nyum nyum. sa x pernah tau pun yogurt ble energise bdn. thanks for the info PD!

  4. bulan puasa ni.. sy akun.. sy selalu ke-tidur-an.. tapi time lunch hour seja la..

    time puasa ni.. sy tidak berapa banyak makan yang berat2.. makan nasi pun time sungkai seja.. & sy banyak minum air, susu dan yogurt.. :)

  5. tambah satu lagi ..minum la milo untuk badan sihat dan kuat :D

  6. Saya tida pandai makan yoghurt. Kalau makan, terus rasa lain-lain ni. Haha.

  7. @beaty Air pun is a must dear..:P

    @Aki Nasi lemak tak bikin mengantuk ka Aki?

    @v Your welcome dear..yogurt mang yummy kan..kan..:P

    @nowriz Sama lah kita dear..saya lau time lunch sudah,memang mata mengantuk sangat,balik2 menguap..hahaha!!..

    Saya plak lau sungkai time,ndak pernah makan nasi..just kuih muih,kurma dan air..Makan nasi waktu sahur jew..

    @Yen Ngee..bukannya milo tue bikin urang mengantuk kah Yen? sebab bapa saya,suka minum milo bila dia susah mau tidur malam..hmmm

  8. ya btl setuju sm beaty..
    air ja sy ambil..yg len hahaha..buli kira owh..
    tp sy setuju jgk sm si Aki..nasi lemak mmg bwt sy mengantuk..haha

  9. Betul..setuju juga dgn c echa dan c Aki :)

  10. saya lebihkan air putih saja..:)

  11. @echaRierie mana satu betul ni dear,si Aki bilang nasi lemak tida bikin mengantuk..huhuhu

    @Elih Japahar Apa yang betul bro?..hmmm konpius saya ,ama kamurang ini tauk..

    @kay masingan Air putih juga lah paling manang kan dear :)


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