Effectively Tips Sleep In Ramadhan

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Time passes so fast,Today we're had fasted for 18th days of ramadhan.Ramadan arrived, all Muslims were too happy and excited to welcome this glorious month in every year. When you become part of the coming months which has always anticipated, you must have enthusiastically welcomed the month of Ramadan. Vying to worship and doing good, all Muslims would like to receive a blessing in the holy month..

Gosh!! I am late for sahur :(

Certainly very good for filling the month of Ramadan with a nuanced worship activities and sharing the good. But don't forget to pay attention to your sleep schedule. With enough sleep, then your body will be ready to perform a variety of worship and tough when sharing happiness with others..

Well, so your sleep time remains efficient during the month of Ramadan, consider the following tips so that no more cries of, "Gosh, I miss excessive sleep and meal time"

pink01  Avoid Coffee When Breaking The Fast

Avoid the coffee when breaking the fast and before bedtime. In this case, including soft drinks. For some people, enjoy a drink with the caffeine content (although few) will make it difficult eyes closed. Caffeine is difficult to make you fall asleep because of holding the performance of adenosine, a brain chemical that helps a person feel drowsy and fell asleep. The older a person, the more sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

pink01  Bed Intensive Tidy Before Sleep

When found the bed comfortable and ready to lay down your body, you will instantly feel comfortable and easy to fall asleep. Conversely, when you go to bed and found the bed a mess, you will fall asleep with a feeling of discomfort. Therefore, make sure you make the bed after waking up and not put the goods (other than sleeping equipment) on ​​the bed.

pink01  Ensure Your Body Comfortable

The air is too cold or too hot can make you often wake up after falling asleep. Keeps the body comfortable before and during sleep can you do to keep from waking. If the temperature is in the cold conditions, a thick blanket of assistance will help the body feel more comfortable. Conversely, when the air was hot, keep the cycle in the room air flowing properly.

pink01  Talked Family Issues Before Sleep Time

Ramadan is a very busy time, not only in terms of worship, but all the preparation for the day of Eidul Fitri. Typically, there will be many discussions related to the preparation of going home, charity, children's clothing shopping, and everything that it takes a special conversation. Take time to talk much before bedtime. Talk about things 'heavy' before bedtime will make the mind is too focused and the body can not relax to get some rest.

pink01  Darken The Room And Post Alarm Clock

Turn off the light. When you accidentally woke up and saw a bright light, hormones regulating sleep you will be confused so you can wake up thinking it was morning. After passing several times a meal, your body itself has designed a biological alarm to wake during the hours of dawn. However, keep pairs of alarms so that you do not pass through dawn of time.

Difficult for me to sleep when the lights is turn-on..:)
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  1. nice info (= I drink coffee a lot. especially during sahur (=

  2. alamak, the 1st tips tu i can't avoid myself.huh.

    but thanks dear for the info. I often didn't get enough sleep, and my pimples starting to explode!oh, i need rest now. i need sleep.huhu..

  3. Good info...and will give it a try...:)

  4. sepanjang ramadhan ni.. sy teda masalah untuk tidur.. mayb pasal penat.. tapi, sy ada masalah mo bangun pagi2 ja.. hihi


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