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Did you know that Almond has many advantages,especially during fasting month? Yes I Do,.Do You?..As the entries on the blog of Aemy Speaks Now,there are many benefits of almond that we should know.For more information, you may visit the link I gave just now.

Its exist which make it a jam, there is a mixture of milk and drank it as some are making it an oil ingredient. Thus almonds are known in the world, many uses and benefits that can be learned from this antioxidant-rich nuts.

Among other nuts, almonds are the most popular in the culinary world of diversity benefits. Whether eaten alone, mixed into processed pastries, cakes, ice cream, chocolate mixture and so on.

Although there are some similarities, but it turns out to several countries, used almonds in a unique and different ways. Lets take a Peek, how almonds are presented in countries such as below.

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pink01  China

In this bamboo curtain country, popular almonds served as a dessert. Mixed with milk and served warm in a family.

pink01  Greece
In this magnificent country of almonds as an ingredient used to make dessert. One of the most popular dessert called amygdalota. Hmm ... its name is quite unique. As a traditional cake, the food is usually served at weddings, sweet, beautiful white color. In addition, the almonds are also used as an ingredient to make soumada, soft drinks are popular in Greece and some other neighboring countries.

pink01  Iran

Almonds are a popular snack called Chaqalu Badom. First, green almonds soaked in brine, dried and eaten as snacks. Chaqalu Badom is sold on the roadside like boiled peanuts or peanuts.

pink01  Italy

Almond amaretti are used as base material, desserts became one of the traditional foods in Italy. It was quite unique, because basically, slightly bitter almond flavor, but it is where excellence is a cake flavor. Other menu called torrone, snack almonds. And in another small area in Italy, almond paste or serve as 'pasta in mandorle' which is then used as a decoration soft cakes with peanut butter, pistachios and chocolate.

pink01  Morocco

Almond paste into a variety of dessert ingredients. While almonds are fried, becoming one of the ingredients to make tajines, a traditional drink a mixture of almonds and milk. These drinks are often present in traditional ceremonies and weddings.

pink01  India
Almond familiar as an extra spice to make various kinds of curry. There is also almond halva, sweets made from almonds served with a variety of beautiful colors. While Sohan barfi, a kind of sweet crackers made from almonds.

pink01  Pakistan 

Almost the same as in India, there are almond halva, sofan barfi and almonds are used as a curry ingredient. But here, almonds are also used as basic materials of various soft drinks, one of which is Sherbet-e-Badaam, who served in the summer as a beverage thirst conditioning.

Well, already familiar with a variety of almond dish right?. Do not forget to stop by next time one of these countries, try a dish of almonds is unique and interesting.
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  1. yups, what aemy said was true!no doubted!
    and i love almond so much, as i love almond london so much!!hehe....

    selamat berpuasa dear=)

  2. love it... thank you for the entry sis.... nice sharing... happy fasting day btw.. :D

  3. Extra information about almonds! ^^
    Thanks so much, dear ^^


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