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Hai peeps..Are you fasting this day? those men, I am sure they fasting kan..kan..? And to women, I understand ..there must be those who disallow due to menstruation.Ok.. back to our topic.

Today I wanna share some beauty tips ,especially women.And we all knew these women are most sensitive to the beauty in themselves.If possible they want to pretty up to old age.Lied when they say they don’t want to be looked beautiful always.

Here we know the importance of olives in the beauty and benefits of this fruit in our beauty.It has been known since the days of Cleopatra, this oil brings enormous benefits in the world of beauty. In fact, the women of the Middle East rely on olive oil as a source of their beauty. Just imagine, every drop of olive oil may make skin softer and smoother, the skin becomes more elastic, and not dry. It is also able to restore the vitality of hair and skin to stay moist and fresh.

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1545x Beauty inside:

You may be familiar with olive oil through the external products only. But the culture of the Middle East say different things. Olive oil is also edible. In addition to good health, because of fat nabatinya, this oil is very meticulous skin care beauty. The high antioxidant contained olive oil, and vitamin E are very friendly and it takes skin to keep away from free radicals and slow aging.
To stay healthy and beautiful, olive oil can be enjoyed with a salad you know. Not only beautiful on the outside, olive oil build beauty from within.

1545x Beauty outside:

Well, talk about outer beauty, olive oil is undoubtedly toughness. Try just a few quick tips below.

icon_heart-pink Moisturizing body: 2-3 drops essential olive oil and 4-5 drops of lavender oil, then you will enjoy the most relaxing and enjoyable bathing. The effect, will sleep much more soundly and the skin becomes smooth and supple.

icon_heart-pink Softens even the driest skin: Got a problem with the knee, elbow or a broken heel? Massage olive oil on a regular basis that section every day. Olive oil and let the magic take care of your skin.

icon_heart-pink Face mask: You want to maintain skin moisture, mask olive oil, honey and egg yolk once a month. Besides relaxing, By masked olive oil for 15 minutes this will make the skin softer, whatever your skin type.

icon_heart-pink Nails: Friendly olive oil is used to nail the feet and hands. Put it in a bowl of warm water, add lemon juice, and soak the hands of approximately 5-10 minutes. In addition to smoothing the cuticle, nails become stronger.

icon_heart-pink Hair Care: For hair care, avoid applying olive oil on the scalp (especially if you have oily hair types or a combination). Simply put the olive oil at the tip and the hair shaft only. Let stand for 10-20 minutes and wash as usual.

icon_heart-pink Soft lips: In order for red lips, soft and not chapped, apply olive oil before bed. Allow up the next day. No more chapped lips.

Let's try the beauty recipes from the Middle East, the beautiful do not necessarily be expensive ..:)
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  1. Before wearing hijab, I wear hair products olive oil based. Smells really good. Hehe.

  2. @SimplySeoul ye ker dear?same goes with me lah..olive is good to hair..I've been used it since 2001 until now,it was recommended by my aunt..:)


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