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Morning all and best wishes..Today I want to share an entry of an incident and definitely dim your goose when read it.This entry is based on true story.I just borrowed it to the original owner of this entry [ Mohd Naser ] I share this with his permission. Because I wanted to share this with all my readers as a lesson for us, especially to my women 's friends out there.

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This is how the story goes;

This true story happened at the U.S..

It is about a muslim woman who wears a hijab and have good manners who lived at U.S for works.

One night, the woman is on the way home from work.Coincidentally,she took the short way in order to get home early.The path taken is a bit hidden and not many passersby at the time.

Because relatively little late in the day,walking in the street a bit dark so to make her a bit nervous and scared. Moreover, she walks alone.

Suddenly she saw a man (white Americans) is dependent on the wall at the edge of the alley. She had begun to fear and not good faith. All that she can do is keep pray to Allah S.W.T for her safety.She read the Ayat Kursi with expectation that Almighty will help her at that time.

The time she passed a man was leaning, she could turn and is condemned man's face. Luckily, the man do not casually and she safely reached her home.

The next morning, she read in the newspaper that a woman was raped by an unknown man in the hallway as she road yesterday just 10 minutes after she crossed the aisle.She recognized the man and believe she saw yesterday was a rapist is.

She went straight to the police station and lodge a complaint. This women can identify suspects through the parade cam after the investigation is done, police can be evidence that the man is a rapist sought.

But she wondered why the man did not make her a victim when she was through the alley at the time when in fact she was alone that time, but the man raped the woman after her passes by.These women want to know ther reason why. So she asked permission to police speak to the rapist before sentencing (before the man's carry to other places).

She asked the rapist.. "Why don't you do anything to me on that night even though you know that I'm alone?"

And the rapist replied.."No, you are not alone. That night I saw two young man walking with you. One on your right side and the other one was by your left side. If you were alone of course you will be my victim." 

That woman feel very surprised heard the explanations by the rapist. She was grateful to Allah S.W.T for keeping her safe that night, perhaps thanks to the Ayat Kursi that she read that night.

So, the moral of this story:

If we as Allah S.W.T servants will obey all orders and leaving what is forbidden,Almighty would always close to us and protect us.That Women had first and foremost cover herself in the U.S. and is in charge of a prescribed limits of Islam.Perhaps the two men who accompanied the woman is the angel sent to protect the servants of Allah S.W.T who always remember her god.

"... Whoever recites ayat Kursi when lying in bed, represent two of the angels of Allah S.W.T to keep them until dawn. Those who read the ayat al-Kursi when the narrowness of Allah S.W.T consented to give them aid ..." [From Abdullah bin 'Amr r.a.]

May we all have learned and useful knowledge from this story. As slaves we should believe in the ability of believers weapons of DOA.

May we always kept safe by the Almighty from the evil in the stoning..Wallahu'alam

What say you guys? Am I right about what I said earlier? It definitely dim your goose when read this..:)
Happy 10th Ramadhan..Wishing you and your family the blessings of Ramadan.

Sharing The Love :)


  1. sy penah dapat ni email.. kuasa Allah.. ;)

  2. I've read this story when I was ustazah lend it to me... ^^

  3. i read this a few times :) only with a different twist.

  4. sy pun besa mengamalkan bacaan ayat kursi bila tidur..
    kalau takut pun sm.. :)

  5. Read this few time somewhere before...with different version..;)

  6. Sesungguhnya inilah kekuasaan Allah....smga kita jg akan 'dijaga' sperti dlm ceta ni dear..amin~~

  7. the power of ayatul kursi.. :)

  8. REad this somewhere before. LIKE!


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