Sexy VS Soleha - Which Men Choose ?

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Sexy or Soleha,would be my entry today."Ala,ko pun dulu suka berseksi juga masa zaman bujang dulu kan?Jadi ndak payah lah ko tegur aku"..My cousin said angrily..Yes!,indeed I used to be so on my single life once.I dressed up until shows my cleavage,thighs and curves in my body to everybody.And I do not care about other people's views about myself and even my own family.Is not that my parents never advise, scold or reprimand me if dressed so in public..But I just ignored them...Am so bad,isn't it?

But it's all an old story that I have buried right since I got married. I've  changed,and want to repent.Then I realized that being sexy does not guarantees the future, but it will harm themselves.In fact,no man will respect ourselves,and only played for a bad purpose..

HarmLess Fun Or Sexual Harassment?

Rika (Unreal Name) is actually pretty jealous when I heard a story that quite a lot of guys are interested in becoming a Facebook Friends Rani (Unreal Name).Understandably Rani is sexy. Her clothes were that good. Dressed? Eum, don't you ask. Wherever Rani stepped, the eyes of the boys seemed never out of it. In contrast to Rika, with a veil, her whole body covered with a cloth bandage, and not many men want to glance at it, although there are some also who intend to approach it.

When a sexy woman appeared, usually men always react. There are only looking at it boldly without any comment. There was a whistle, and even sang love songs to attract attention, but desperate to talk and was well acquainted there. From the various facts that happened on the field we can see that the sexy woman is always cause a reaction on the part of the ADAM.

If so, does it mean that you have to perform a new section can be ogled by men? Yes, of course! Butttttt ... looks sexy does not necessarily guarantee you will be selected.

Well I've survey a several men about it and At least they expressed by following.,

"Well, no man do not like seeing beautiful women. All well liked. But we just like to see. That's it. When to get married, well wait a minute. We also do not want to arbitrarily select a pair. Must see first weight, seeds, its ancestor. " said Fahmi (28).

"I honestly love to see a woman dressed in a mini, but to be my wife? Well, obviously not one of them who would I choose. Because I certainly do not want to have a wife who likes to show off the beauty in the public. Her beauty may only be for me alone." said Jerick (30).

"Women's okay to be sexy, but not to marry. I am more interested in a serious relationship with a qualified woman 'inside', rather than rely solely on outward appearances alone." firmly Zainal (27).

After knowing the opinions of the man on top, it is clear to us, that outward appearances are not everything. We may be pretty, but if the behavior we are not beautiful, then any man would not be willing to resume thrusting the ring as we expected.

Sexy appearance, or rather interesting, actually remains important, because men like to see the beauty of a woman. However, it does not mean that they would appreciate a woman who likes to dress mini. For most men, women who want to cover her nakedness is more honorable than those who like showing off your body in public.

Then what kind of woman who became hunted men to eventually marry? Soleha woman who has the attitude of pious and noble heart. It is they who can attract the attention of men to serve, as dead as lively pair.

Is it YOU ?

This entry has nothing to do with anyone,whether alive or dead. It is reflection only for us, especially my women friends out there who read this.

My apologies if I'm wrong and offensive to anyone feelings upon make this entry..Happy 12th Ramadhan:)
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  1. salam ramadhan.. :)
    entri yg sgt mnarik sis.. ^^
    ya, seksi itu cntik dan sdap seksanya nnt juga lebih..

  2. topik yg menarik..hehe..
    yg sy tau sy nda seksi tp kurus dan selalu kena sbrla..

    btw, bgs ni utk peringatan diri sy sdri..

    InsyaAllah..nt uda ready semua di tutup.. :)

  3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)
    wlupun kebanyakan llaki suka tgk perempuan pakai sexy2, tp sooner or later, they would marry the woman that's kind and well covered..not the one that's dressing like a whore. no offense to ladies. hehe :)

  4. "I honestly love to see a woman dressed in a mini, but to be my wife? Well, obviously not one of them who would I choose. Because I certainly do not want to have a wife who likes to show off the beauty in the public. Her beauty may only be for me alone." said Jerick (30)

    i love this quote dear!!and same with me, my past is sucked, even though not obviously sexy but i showed off my hair to other. BUt now i felt ashamed to show off my hair and so on. i prefers to be myself now.

    dear,just be ourselves now,don't be other..we're fine to stay on like me..=)

  5. biasa, lelaki akan terpikat dengan wanita/gadis seksi..ada yg ckp gadis yang soleha ni rimas..entahlah.
    masing-masing ada pendapat peribadi tersendiri...

  6. Pretty, Sexy catch their eyes but not necessarily their hearts rite?

  7. Woah. This is indeed a really interesting topic. Hehe.

    Macam ni la. Saya bagi opinion almost all men (generally) about sexy women. Diorang suka tengok/main-main/kapel-kapel ja sama sexy women ni. Tapi bila part mau kawin suda, they will choose another women yang tidak berapa sexy, or diorang akan nasihatkan gf diorang (which is the sexy women) untuk kasi kurang2 sikit ke'seksi'an diorang tu. Haha.

  8. Bukan luaran yg penting, hati yang penting! berpendapat sama dgn jerik :)

    p/s: tunang sy selalu meluahkan kerisauan dia, takut sy cari pompuan seksi dan cantik..tapi sy jawap "cantik itu cuma sementara, hati yg cantik tak akan ada secantik kamu"..terus dia cair :P


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