Fasting Makes Woman More Beautiful

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Is it true? Many women say,with fasting women will look more beautiful.? Just like my friend is spending needs to complete the fasting month, a number of additional skin care products in the grocery list, among them is lip balms for extra dry lips, Nails cream and hair tonic. These additional products will be present during the fasting month because according to her,when the fast is now vulnerable to beauty.

Fluid intake and nutrition is stopped for approximately 14 hours to make a lot of women are horrified to imagine their skin is dull, dry and wrinkled due to lack of fluids and nutrition. This fear get their attention real fast that actually makes the body more beautiful.

Collected from several sources, fasting has benefits of detoxification in the body. The process of producing toxins and cleansing the body system is effective to make your skin more clean and bright, including the eyes clean and clear look. Systematically the body will remove the poison and dirt and clean all the vital network.

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When fasting was often happens dryness of the skin continues to peel off the skin. It seems disturbing, but this is part of the regeneration process as well. Dead skin cells peel off and replaced by new skin cells soft and sensitive. Acne is a problem for many people also subsides when the person is fasting. Maybe you think this because of reduced fat intake, but not only that, acne is reduced because the process can be more effective removal of toxins when the fast so as not to cause acne.

Not just skin, it is reported also potent improving fast hair and nail conditions. Initially it will dry out the skin around the nails and hair will fall out, but healthier hair will soon grow. The benefits of this beauty you can find even when you notice any breaking of the fast food you eat.

When fasting is recommended to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Not only to maintain the freshness of the body during fasting, but also to get the vitamins and minerals your body enough to do regeneration. If these nutritional needs are not tercukupi, the optimal regeneration process and even cancel your beautiful skin got. So, fill out your fast menu with fruits and vegetables, and get more benefit from the fast.

In addition to our worship on this glorious month, at the same time we also may look more beautiful..Wanna Be Beautiful ? 
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